Monday, January 4, 2010

Sick, sick and more sick.

Today was not a good day for my diet. Actually, that's not true. It was half good, half bad. I ate breakfast and had milk with it, ate a nice healthy lunch (whole wheat pasta with Country Crock, green beans with a sprinkle of parmesean cheese) and got in ALL my water. But I blew it on dinner (Pizza! Ugh!) and am not doing my Jillian DVD tonight. I feel awful. I've been battling a cold on and off since before Christmas and today I feel like I've been hit by a truck. Not to mention, Rory is sick and needs to go to the doctor tomorrow. I think there's an ear infection hanging out in the nursery upstairs...Ugh. It's just been a long, cold day. I know I am being too hard on myself. It's absolutely okay to have 2 pieces of pizza once in a while. And it was Little Ceasar's so it was small pieces with only cheese and pepperoni. Fine. I could have eat a lot worse (Chinese, cough cough) but I didn't. And I did get all my water in, which is my big goal of the week. Plus, I am terribly congested and lost my breath walking up the stairs today. Did you know I have seasonal and sports induced asthma? I do! So exercising probably wouldn't be wise. I was moving around quite a bit at dance today, so it wasn't like I just laid around all day.

This leads me to my next point.

Why am I, why are we, why are WOMEN specifically, so hard on ourselves? I had a half good, half bad diet day. FINE. There's no shame in that. It could have been an all day bad day and it wasn't. I have tomorrow to try again. I know I will do better and having pizza won't throw me completely off track. I'll toss in an extra workout, maybe go for a walk if it ever gets above 20*. It's really not the end of the world yet I sit here beating myself up for it.

I am going to resolve to think more positively about my goal and especially about my body. Perhaps tomorrow or Wednesday I will go shopping and buy myself something nice to wear out on Friday for my birthday celebration. I need to be realistic, but there's no sense in beating myself up. Ugh. Being a woman is rough!

Say a prayer for Ro. Poor kid is all congested and feeling pretty yucky, I think. We're off to the doctor tomorrow. She's been pulling at her ear for a day or two now.

Until tomorrow,

P.S. Memory Monday will start next week. Yippee.


Genelle said...

I hear you on the weight, good diet/bad diet day thing. It is hard to not be too hard on ourselves. However, I know that right now I could be doing a TON better - like I'm 100% bad right now. :)

Also, we have a house full of sickies so I feel your pain there. Poor Ro. Praying she gets better fast!

Laura said...

You are right. We ARE hard on ourselves. I'm finally getting back to the gym this morning after about three weeks off. I'm exhausted and I don't want to go but I am doing it anyways.

As far as goals and changes I always say baby steps. If you try to do it all at once you will fail. Pick one or two things to change at a time and don't try to be perfect because that is unreasonable. :)