Thursday, January 28, 2010


Yesterday was a yucky day for me and Rory. She fell a thousand times it seemed. (She's trying to walk so 8.5 months, mind you.) She was whiny and cry-y all day. We almost got in a wreck on the way to daycare (not our fault!!), there was a huge line at the chiropractor for me, a student's grandma passed away, it was just a ton of little things that made the day BLAH.

But! I had a breakthrough.

I promised myself, no matter how gross the day got, I wouldn't solve it with food. And I didn't!! I wanted a little treat so I got some sugar free jell-o jigglers. At Sheetz, you can get a big bag of them for like 2 bucks. There's NO sugar and the ENTIRE bag only has 45 calories! I keep it in my fridge and grab a few when I need a treat. I didn't one time eat chocolate out of anger, grab a cookie out of sympathy or grab a Coke because I was tired. Nope. I went to bed feeling good about my day and I liked it. I'm gunning for the same results today.

I weighed myself today. I usually do it on Mondays and Thursdays. I'm down since Monday already! :) I found this picture. THIS is what I'd like to look like again. Strong, healthy and prettttty. (Plus my hair is slamming in this picture. Hmmm...time to grow it out again.)

This was the first year of the studio, soooo spring of 2006. That's only 4 years ago! Not too bad, really, all things considered. I'll get there. I like goals. I like achieving them even better. :)

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Nikki Bond said...

So awesome that you are teaching yourself to make healthier choices when you get in a funk, this is a huge lesson we all need to learn. You look beautiful in the pic above and you WILL get there again!