Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wishful Wednesday: Business Dreams

This is a good one for me! Kelsey over at Seattle Smith's hosts Wishful Wednesdays and I'm joining in again! Head over and link up. I'd love to read your ideas!!

'I wish' .... I had the startup funds to build that company I have always dreamt about, and it would be a bigger, better STUDIO K!

I'm kind of cheating here, because I do own my dream company. What I don't own is a dream facility.

Backstory: I opened in August of 2005 in a small store front. I had one studio, a lobby and a miniscule office. I had after my initial registration, around 80 students. I was ecstatic! As the year progressed, I ended up with at the highest 102 students. 97 performed in my first recital! That's pretty fantastic for my tiny town...

We moved out of our store front after the first year, in to a really BIG full floor facility. We have 2 studios, one almost the size of the stage we perform on, a storage room, a changing room, an office, a lobby and bathroom and a "lounge" where my older students chill between classes.

Sounds fantastic? It is! And it isn't. It is absolutely wonderful for us now. But we are outgrowing our space in terms of what we need. We'll make it work up there because I *love* my landlord! She is amazing and takes great care of us. I also love our central location and just put $4000 in to repairs on the floors, lobby and bathroom this summer.

But if money was no object...

I'd like this building (Pretty close, anyways! I need higher ceilings.)

With hardwood sprung floors, wrap around mirrors and wall mounted surround sound.

I'd also have closed circuit viewing TVs so parents could watch from the lobby!

My tumbling area would have...
A tumble trak!

Tumbling Harnesses, more mats than you can count, foam pits, crash mats, mats on the walls and every size of handspring machines...

I'd also a special studio dedicated just for little dancers, painted all wonderful and bright. I'd have a girls locker and a boys locker room, with showers. I'd have another set of bathrooms in the lobby area. I'd have a huge office and a special homework room for my students. I'd have a parking lot and a swipe card system so no weirdos could get in. I'd have a coffee bar in the lobby to feed my addiction.



Laura said...

Kate! I love your dream and all your ideas!!!

And the best part is that you are young and have lots of years to continue growing and building and I believe that one day it will be possible for you to have this awesome studio that you just described! :)

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

I think it all seems amazing, and you know exactly what you want! I hope it happens babe!