Sunday, January 10, 2010

Survey Sunday!

Sunday has rolled around again and I'm already looking forward to this week. We're in my favorite time of year at dance. Costumes are arriving, we're working on dances in all their classes, the kids are excited to be in the most exciting 5 months of the year! :) I am feeling so much better about my teaching abilities since Christmas break. I am rejuvenated. Everyone need a break, myself included.

Now! On with Survey Sunday.

Today I am playing along with Sunday Stealing. Head on over and check it out! It's fun. I love these Linked Up blogs I've been stumbling upon. Great way to find new bloggers to follow. :)

Sunday Stealing: The Current Obsessions Meme

I am really into Jodi Picoult the last few months. Though I haven't been reading as much lately as I usually do, every time I get a chance, it's Jodi that I reach for. I think my favorite of her's that I have read thus far is "The Pact." WOW is all I can say.

I am on a quest for a healthier lifestyle so this is a fun one for me. My favorite snack right now is a tie between 2 things. I love SmartOnes freezer desserts. They are the perfect size, come in tons of flavors and really aren't that bad for me. They satisfy my sweet tooth while at the same time not throwing off my entire day of good eating. I am also totally in to fresh vegies right now! The more carrots and celery and peppers and tomatoes and mushrooms I can get my hands on the better!

Olive Garden is my obsession lately. Mainly because you can get everything in a lunch portion, eat delicious salad and a breadstick or two. Also, leftovers are like...GOLD from there.

Water. It's even edging out Diet Coke on my list of must have liquids lately.

Ugh. I need a decor obsession. I need to redo my entire house. It still looks exactly like when my aunt and uncle here lived here. (Which, by the way, my aunt has really great taste!! This would be why I havn't been quick to change much...haha!) I just need to make changes and make this house my own. Starting with my bedroom which I would like painted in brown, light blue and lime green. Rory's room needs done before we even start THINKING about another baby. I want her room done in shades of purple and orange polka dots. My bathroom needs to be seaside style. My kitchen needs to be black, white and red.

So much to do. So much paint to buy. haha

Confession. I have a huge, 8th grade girl style crush on Zac Efron. Do not worry, Dave knows. He has his own 12 year old boy style crush on Hillary Duff, so it's okay. :)

I mean hello.

Amy Adams! Amy Adams! Amy Adams! She can do funny. She can do serious. She can sing. She is amazing. (Need examples? Check out Julie&Julia, Enchanted, Night at the Museum 2, Doubt, Sunshine Cleaning, Miss Pettigrew Lives For a Day, Drop Dead Gorgeous...)

Plus she's beautiful and totally embraces her natural red hair.

Right now, my favorite movie is "Julie&Julie." It is brilliant. Watch it! You will love it! Also, you will feel insane urges to cook things completely from scratch, which I've been doing all week. It's helped my healthy choices, for sure.

The other movies that round out my list of lifetimes faves are "Little Women," "The Devil Wears Prada," "Sex and the City," "Dead Poets Society," and "Night at the Museum 1 and 2." I'm also a huge fan of almost all Disney movies, specifically "Up" and "The Hunchback of Notre Dame."

TV show:
My favorite not cancelled TV show at the moment is Tabatha's Salon Takeover on Bravo. Love it. Love her no nonsense attitude and good ideas. She's a brilliant business woman.

All I do is dance. And that's what I love!

I'm not in these pictures, but those are my students. Aren't they awesome?

Always and forever my favorite band will be BEN FOLDS FIVE. But I am currently obsessed with the Christian group FFH. I've been a fan since high school. They recently took a lengthy break while the lead singer was battling MS. They are back now and better than ever, I have to say.

"This Is What It Feels Like to Be Led" by FFH.
This song is therapy for my soul. I listen to it when I need reminded that my steps are directed by the One True God. I am never alone in my search and my path is alread planned out. The tough stuff and mountains I have to climb are merely bends in the road designed to make me stronger.

I don't have one! Sorry!

Hmmm...I'm not sure yet!

My husband is my best friend. I love him and somedays find myself trying to remember what it was like before Dave. I can't even imagine not waking up with him beside me (almost) all mornings now. He is my other half.

I'm totally obsessed with my students right now. I can't help it! They make me laugh, they make me cry, they are a huge blessing.

"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." -Eleanor Roosevelt. That's my life quote. :)

I HATE mouth noises. Chew quiet around me or don't chew at all. I have over sensitive hearing towards strange mouth noises. I try hard not to think about it but MAN it bugs me. One time in high school I was eating lunch with my friend Nikki. She was eating carrots and was SOOOO quiet!! I told her I would eat lunch with her every day because she was my perfect eating partner. haha

Well the Winter Olympics are almost upon us again. This leads me to mine and Dave's favorite Winter Olympic sport...

CURLING!! hahaha It's true, we love it. :)

Lady Gaga!! I'm so in love with her music. It makes me want to dance around, which most times I do. She's so fabulous in a crazy way. I like her because I think she understands being a celebrity is just a big game. She definitely isn't her true self when she's in public and being that way allows her to have a person life and a public life. She's a smart cookie that Lady Gaga, PLUS her outfits?! INSANE!! :)

Enjoy! Head over to Sunday Stealing to join in.


Kelly said...

This was fun! :-)

Jodi Piccoult is my FAVORITE author too, I've read all of her books, she's so amazing <3

And I'm cutting out diet pop too! It's going really well so far, I've been replacing it with hot tea which I REALLY like. It's more natural yet still has a little caffeine.

My pet peeve-- mouth noises too!!! DO NOT get me started ;-)

Hope your day goes well!

Laura said...

The correct answer for favorite blog would have been "Life Happens". Mine. Ya know. The one with all the pics of your favorite niece and nephew? Yeah. :)

Unknown said...

Correct you are Laura!! :) What was I thinking?!? hahaha