Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, March 29, 2010


I will be absent from the blog world for a little while. I'm having some personal issues that are pretty important and require my attention. PLEASE say prayers for me and for my studio, Studio K. Satan has it out for us right now it seems. I need to rest in the comfort and the peace that passes all understanding. I'm trying to be a warrior not a worrier, but it is so hard. Everything seems so personal right now, it's all hitting me in the heart, not the head. Think of me in your prayers, if you don't mind.


Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Tid Bits

-Rory is ALWAYS crabby on Fridays. Today she has been screaming on and off for the last 3 hours. She isn't crying, doesn't need her diaper changed, no fever, nothing out of the ordinary. But come Friday, every week...the screaming begins. Last week I took her to my mom's in the afternoon because I just. couldn't. take. it. anymore. I don't care if that puts me in the bad mom category for that day, it was better I did that than get frustrated and "yell" at her. (I was also crazy sick last week's fine.)

-Why is it that once you go to a restaurant you have been to in a long time that's all you can think about after?? Dave and I went to Sprague's last weekend for our anniversary and now I am dying for their beef stroganoff and homemade rolls again. We might go tonight! haha

-You know what is so annoying? The washing machine in this house is on the unfinished side of the basement. Therefore if I am upstairs while the clothes are washing, I can't hear it end. I tend to forget the clothes are in there and end up double washing them. I have tried setting a timer and that works, when I remember to set it!

A little Friday Awesome, coming to you courtesy of one of my students. I caught her in the perfect position, tumbling an "X-out." That's a back flip with no hands, starting in a tucked position, opening to an X and landing standing with her feet together. Enjoy!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Balancing My Students

I admire my Aunt Barb so much. She has two incredibly busy kids. Connor plays basketball, is involved at the church, does Art Club, etc etc etc. Kaari goes to gymnastics an hour away twice a week and has dance two days a week, plus all the usual "kid" stuff. Aunt Barb and Uncle Tom balance it all so nicely. I've also learned a really important lesson from my Aunt Barb over the last five years of running the studio. Kaari is a competitive dancer AND competitive gymnast. Luckily, her gym coach is a GREAT woman and GREAT daughter, so they are willing to work with her dance schedule. I of course work with her gymnastics schedule. Aunt Barb always says to me that Kaari's priority goes to whatever competition is next. Big meet on Saturday? Kaari might need to miss a jazz class or tap class for a little extra time at the gym. Dance competition next weekend? Well she'll just have to miss a little time at the gym for dance rehearsals. No comp or meet coming up? Split your time equally. It's a really great philosophy. Focus on what is NEXT, not what is coming. Kaari is committed to each sport and to each team, so she does her best and her part. You know what? That attitude makes any coach willing to work with busy kids.

You know what does NOT make coaches and teachers willing to work with a busy kid? Bad attitudes. Forgetting what you committed to in the fall for something that just began last week.

I URGE those of you whom are mothers/fathers to adopt my Aunt's philosophy. Your kids will be busy, especially if they live in the middle of nowhere like this town. They will want to do and try everything. They will like one thing one day, hate it the next, love it the third. They won't want to practice. They will complain about their mean dance teacher who is making them skip track practice for a MANDATORY rehearsal that half their dance studio is required to be at. They will!

Tips to do deal with scheduling conflicts? TALK TO THE COACH/TEACHER. It's a novel concept. Don't just not show up, that doesn't work. Explain the situation. See if you can do a half here, half there thing if a practice conflict. Trust me when I say I'd much rather have a kid attend half a practice then none at all. If the coach is worth anything, they will work something out with you.

I pray for my students every day. If you don't mind, shoot a prayer out for Studio K over the next two weeks. It's going to be a giant balancing act but I have complete faith it will all work out. Sigh.

Wordless Wednesday

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Getting to Know You Sunday

This is a new one for me! Melissa does it every week and every week I read it, I often comment too. :) I decided to join in today while I wait for all the competition pictures to upload so I can edit my little heart out. I also am apparently incapable of writing non-run on sentences tonight. Ho hum.

Join in HERE at MannLand5.

The questions..

1. What year did you graduate high school?

2. What part of your body do you neglect the most?
Hmmm good question! I'd have to say my legs. (NOT shaving wise, I have to have shaved legs.) I spend no time working out on them because they are very very very toned from 22 years of dance. I don't need much time on my calves and ankles and knees. I do do lungs, leg lifts and a handful of Pilates moves for my thighs (ahem). So I guess I'd actually say my CALVES.

3. Beach house or Lake house?
Excellent question. I chose a house in the Outer Banks because it can be a Beach House with Sound Access. :)

4. Mac or PC?
PC but I want to be a MAC soooo bad!! :)

5. Did you wear braces?
I did, twice. First grade to fifth grade and then again for 2.5 years in college. My teeth are still far from perfect and give me lots of problems. I have tons of cavities, not because I don't brush, but because I have poor enamel. I have baby sized permanent incisors on the top. It's just a mess in there! haha

6. If you could be one person for a or deceased..who would you be?
I would be Kate Gosselin, I think. I am just so intrigued by her and I want to understand her life better.

7. How many times have you moved in your life?
Well, I moved from a tiny town to the slightly larger town where I currently live when I was 5. Then into my dorm fresh year and soph year and the into this house when I was married. So twice for real, twice for college.

8. Would you rather cook or clean?
COOK!! I looooove to cook! I'd totally be a chef, if I could do better with raw meat.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

You know what.

I can't blog what's bugging me right now because I am way too exhausted and sick to think rationally. I am so BUGGED by so much right now and it would make people angry.

Just know this.

There will be some serious blogging occurring here at 567Kate when I am calmed down and you might not like it, but too darn bad.

Be warned.

Friday, March 19, 2010 fave!

I am on the mend. I've been on the medicine for three days now, so I am no longer contagious. (Yeehaw!) I can actually go up and down the stairs without losing my breath, as long as I don't run. I am making progress! Rory is of course being a total budge today. She was up in the middle of the night for the first time in a LONG time last night. She will wake up sometimes, cry for 10 minutes but drift right back off. It's not a real "cry" then either...Moms know what I mean! But last night was different. She woke up at one and it took both Dave and I to get her back to sleep. She finally needed a little extra bottle and some Tylenol. TEETH SUCK. I'm just saying! :)

Anyways, it is now Friday, Rory is staying over at my mom's tonight, since Dave and I are supossed to be having our anniverary night away. (We aren't. haha) But we are just relaxing at home and going to see Alice in Wonderland tomorrow.

But for this afternoon, let's just enjoy a little 5QF, courtesy of Mama M.
My Little Life

1. Have you ever had a celeb sighting?
I sure have! I am a huuuuuuuuuge Ben Folds fan. Once, in the Nashville Airport, I was waiting for a flight home with my sister and who walks through the concorse?! BEN FOLDS. I completely geeked out. I literally went bananas. My sister was like "Ummm please go talk to him! No one else knows who he is." I couldn't! hahaha

I've alo seen/met many many many Christian artists, saw Ron Howard and Christie Brinkley...we always see celebrities because my Dad is like a celeb magnet. haha

I once met the entire cast of SPAMALOT on Broadway. Christopher Sieber was a total gem, answered questions, posed for pics, signed whatever you wanted, AWESOME.

CLAY AIKEN was a total tool. I am a huge fan of his music and he totally let me down. He was such a diva and was wearing more makeup than anyone else in the crowd. Loser.

Also! I KNOW Andy Blankenbeuhler, which probably means nothing to any of you. I danced with him for a week in New York a few years ago. He is the Tony Award Winning Choreographer of IN THE HEIGHTS (Google it, people. Sigh...) He is also helping create Bring It On the Musical. (Not sure how I feel about that...)

2. What temperature do you keep your house?
Our house is very small, so it stays warm easily. It's usually set at 67, but we turn it down at night, since we all like it colder when we sleep. We kept a space heater, with a thermostat, in Rory's room at night.

3. Do you notice dust at other peoples homes?
No way. haha I couldn't start doing that because then people would notice it HERE. I have a baby. A full time job. Deal.

4. What's the worst job you ever had?
Hmmm...I'm not really sure. I have actually liked all my jobs. I had a rough time waittressing at our local country club, but that was ENTIRELY a different story. (HA!)

5. What is your most sentimental possession?
My blankie, of course. I love it and I don't care who knows it! Or that it grosses out my husband. Part of the Miss Kate package, of course.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Rhinestones and Randoms.

I am dance teacher. This you know. But did you know a dance teacher is also...

a Medic
a Pastor
a Counselor
a School Teacher
a Tutor
a Costume Maker
a Crafter
an Artist
a Historian
a Rhinestone-ing Professional
a Cleaning Lady
a Big Sister?

I wear many hats. This week I am wearing the hat of RHINESTONER EXTRAORDINARIE. Competition pictures are Sunday. That means competition costumes have to be done by then. They aren't. (ha!)

There is a reaoson...

I've been SICK the last three days. I actually had to go to the ER yesterday morning for a breathing treatment. I had asthma problems in high school and they flared up badly recently due to weather changing and red buds coming out. It resulted in my lungs revolting and deciding to go on vacation or something. Long story short, I was not allowed to work yesterday or today. I am sitting at home, alternating between my majorly comfy bed and the couch, hanging out with Rory. Dave is ALSO home sick with some stomach issues...GROSS. Men are so gross sometimes!! :)

I haven't been able to get to Wal-Mart the rest of the ribbons I need. I haven't been able to rhinestone my little fingers off because I haven't seen my kids to pick up costumes on which to glue said rhinestones. See, the thing about dance competition is you have to stand out. There are only so many costume companies and therefore...there's always a chance that you will show up at comp with the same costume as another group. What can you do? Easy!

You can rhinestone your outfit within an inch of it's life and no one will know the difference. This is our (and my dear friend B's) secret weapon. Lots will be forgiven if the judges are blinded by your SPARKLE. ;)

I am feeling better today, medicine is a good thing. Dave is on the mend too. And Rory's nasty illness of last week? It's mostly gone too. Thank the Lord! All three of us sick at once is not fine for anyone.

Gotta jet. Rory apparently wants to eat the Wii remotes...such is life with a 10 month old. :)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


This weekend coming up is competition pictures at my dance studio and it sends everyone in to a panic in preparation.

See this is where I am smart. I purposefully schedule these pictures in time for everyone to order their missing shoes, tights and leotards to arrive in time for competition, which is conveniently 25 days away. I already had one dancer scrambling home last night to order her acro shoes which should have been ordered ooooh 2 months ago. :)

I've spent the last 2 days and will spend the rest of the week covered in paint, rhinestones, glitter and hot glue strands. I've been piecing together hairpieces and fixing up costumes like my life depends on it. It's one of my favorite parts of my job. I love costuming. I can't sew very well, basic alterations are about where my talent maxes out, but I can rhinestone ANYTHING. haha Last night, I repaired a costume that was muuuuch too low cut for one of my dancers with some old tights, dental floss, a needle and some sequins. My dancers couldn't figure out what I was doing but they were impressed. It's kind of my super hero power. ;)

My competitive team this year has almost 30 dancers on it, which is a good number. Our biggest year was over 50 and last year was our smallest, only having 15. It varies each year with the economy, of course. Competitive dancing is expensive. There's extra costumes, makeup, supplies. There's entrance fees per dance per comp. There's travel expenses and eating out and hotel rooms and souveneirs and all the little things along the way. Luckily, my mom is head of fundraising at the studio and she is GREAT AT IT. We did enough fundraisers in the fall where ALL the dancers had their new warm ups paid for and most had enough left over to pay about 75% of their entrance fees. That's pretty great. It saved all the parents around 300-400 dollars.

I am so excited for competition this year. Last year was a tough year at competition for us. We usually go to the same competition in Niagara Falls each spring, but last year it was not enjoyable. My girls were scored fairly, I'm sure...hmmmm. Let's just say it left a bad taste in everyone's mouth. I am not one to get upset about scores, I understand that dance competitions are entirely subjective. It's not like basketball with baskets or soccer with goals, it's a rubric and subjective. But last year was just yucky.

This year will be better. I can feel it. I'll post pictures from Picture Day this weekend and you better believe the results will be posted here in a few weeks. :)

Friday, March 12, 2010


Say a prayer for my Rory, please. She's pretty sick. She's had a temperature (even with Tylenol) since yesterday. Rory spent last evening throwing up. She has an awful cough and nobody in this house slept much last night.

Luckily, to the best of my knowledge, she isn't dehydrated. (She peed! :)) We've been doing a tablespoon of pedialyte every 15 minutes and she hasn't thrown up in 12 hours! Woohoo!

It's such a scary thing when your baby is sick. She can't say Mama my belly hurts or Daddy, my throat is sore. She can't tell me she wants some water or needs to throw up. It's frustrating and scary. We knew she wasn't feeling well when she actually sat on Dave's lap and laid her head on his chest. She NEVER does that. Rory absolutely never snuggles, unless she falls asleep eating. Even when she was first born, she preferred picking up her head and nib noseing all around. :)

Luckily, we have the greatest pediatricians' practice and one of the Dr's called me back yesterday, after hours, and the PA called me to check on Rory an hour after the Dr. Thank goodness!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Attention World. The cutest, most popalotta (learn your Polish, people. Chubby cheeks.) often mullet sporting 10 month old in the world said her first "real" word today. I am not counting Mama, Dada and her squeal that sounds like Hi. This was a deliberate, thought out word.

What was it?

Well, remember that her mom is an overworked self employed dance teacher, so Rory is at the studio a lot.

You ready?


bahahahahaha Yes, folks, her lips parted and out came...TIGHTS. In a bear like growl, no less. I almost died laughing. I texted all my dancers and no one believed me. Luckily, she said it five or six more times for my mom this evening so there is a witness other than me!

How appropriate. Perhaps Rory read my letter to her the other day and decided to give me a dance word instead of a MaMa. She certainly didn't say "golf" or "grass" first, now did she?? :)

TIGHTS! I love it!

My own Wordless Wednesday

I feel awful today, so I'm posting just this for you.

Monday, March 8, 2010

A Post on Rory

Dear Rory,

This is a letter from your mother. Mom. Mommy. Mama. Remember me? You used to say my name all the time, but now it's Dada 24/7. So to you dear girl I say this...who picks out your clothes so you aren't wearing a church sweater and Adidas sweat pants every day? (Remember that outfit daughter of mine?) Who washes the toys so you aren't chewing on dirt? Who buys the bows and combs your hair and makes sure your mullet stays under control?


I am the one here, each morning, while we chase the dog, dance the Hot Dog Dance, watch the Mail Lady (Hi Gina!) walk up and down our street and whine our way to lunch time. I'm the administrator of the Motrin for your sore gums and Desitin for your sore bum. (Thanks, teeth.)

Yet WHY daughter of mine, do you only say "HI DADA!" when he comes in the room? In case you don't know, I threw up the first 15 weeks I was carrying your cute little booty around inside of me. I gave up COFFEE and you know how Mama loves her coffee. I didn't eat all sorts of things and took nasty vitamins that made me sick. I'd do it all again, 1000 times, because I love you that much. Would it kill you to give me a Hi MaMa once in a while??

I love you, my little green eyed girl. I would do anything for you. All I'm asking for is a HI MAMA like you give Dada every day. Let's try it tonight when I get home, okay?

Much love, your tired and stressed out Mama

Friday, March 5, 2010


Strong mothers are amazing people. This birth story is one of the most real and honest I've ever read, and with it comes refreshment, encouragement, honesty and courage. Bless you Kelle.

Read here.



Yep, yep, yep! Friday again! Love it, love this upcoming weekend, LOVE THE SUN OUTSIDE MY WINDOW!, love 5QF. :) Thanks, Mama M! You rock. (Also, please no longer feel bad about sending me that gift card "late" as you said. I'm just going to spend it tomorrow. Ha!)

My Little Life

1. What's your guilty pleasure?
Easy. Junk TV and McDonald's. I love junky tv shows, like Project Runway or Top Chef and I *love* McDonald's. Luckily, the closest one is half an hour away, so it's not bad that I love it. Every night when I get home from work, on goes a crappy show from DVR while I am unwinding.

I also love the spa, specifically massages and pedicures. Mmmm yes.

2. What is your favorite TV series?
HELLO? Do you know me at all?? Gilmore Girls!! Hence my daughter, Rory. :)
Close seconds go to: The Office (don't tell me anything about last night, I haven't watched it yet!), Glee, Law and Order: SVU, 7th Heaven.

3. Can you speak any foreign languages?
I'm pretty good at Spanish, meaning if I went to a Spanish speaking country, I could converse if necessary about basic things: bathrooms, restaurants, food, money, bus, etc. I know a smattering of French, courtesy of 1 semester of French and 15 years of ballet training and a dash of Russian, thanks to living there for 3 weeks in high school.

4. How many pairs of shoes do you own?
Hmmm...I'm not sure. A couple pairs of boots, couple pairs of sneakers, couple pair of flip flops and an innordinate amount of black high heels. I'll say 25-30 pairs total. That sounds horrible!!

5. What's your favorite kind of M&M's...peanut, almond, straight up regular, etc.?
I like regular and peanut butter. But I do not like that weird strawberry kind they have out now. Gag. Also, I voted for purple when it was time to vote for a new M&M color. Blue?! WEIRD.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Warrior vs Worrier

A friend of mine battled Hodgkin's Lymphoma and WON! Her name is Hillary and she is a phenomenal woman. She spends her days being a mommy to beautiful Lexi and spreading awareness for HL. Hillary does all she can to raise money and knowledge for cancer research. She's a remarkable woman. She often puts quotes in her Facebook status messages and today it really made an impression on me.

"...Be a warrior, not a worrier..." -Rev Run.

Now that right there is a good sentiment. I am a chronic worrier. I worry about everything, always feeling things are out of my control. When I was pregnant last year with Rory, I was constantly in fear of getting the mail. I worried about ridiculous things all the time. (I have clinical depression and 99% of the time can manage with proper rest and coping techniques, this is where the obsession comes from.)

I am not pregnant with Rory anymore, so yes, the worrying has died down some. But I still worry. Right now, I am worrying about our big family vacation this summer, adult tap tonight and plenty of other things. I know I shouldn't worry and should simply rely on the Lord. I know that all things work together for the Good of the Lord but I still worry. I pray, I lay my burdens down and then I take them rigth back! Not smart.

Today though I am pledging to make a change. I'm going to try to be a WARRIOR over a worrier. I can be strong. I can stand up for myself and for my life and know that I will be okay. It will all work out and I will be a WARRIOR.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Anyone watch Parenthood on NBC last night? I DVR-ed it and watched it the morning while I was working. I really enjoyed it! I think it's going to be a nice reflection of the mishmashed, mixed up family lives that are for real. Now, granted, it is slightly exaggerated at some points, I have a hard time believing ALL those problems would be happening at one time in one family, but hey, who am I to judge?! (ha!)

I really like Lauren Graham, so plus there.

I am most intrigued by the Aspberger's storyline. I am fascinated with the Autism Spectrum and find myself mystified by Autistic children. I wish I was more scientific and could understand that side of it more, but what I do understand is this. I've had several students of the last 5 years with different levels of Aspberger's and one student who was Autistic and a musical savant. I know that God has a great plan for those students, especially Adam. Adam is a musical genius. He can hear a song once and then sit down and play it note for note on the piano. He plays a few times a year before services at church and always on Christmas Eve. It never fails to make me cry, especially when he spots me watching and calls out "HI MISS KATE!" He is just awesome. God's puzzle is amazing.

Anyways, not much happening in the forest this sorta snowy, not nearly as cold March day. I'm still out of dinner ideas and not feeling like cooking. Midwinter blues are in full swing. Come on warmth!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Talking about...nothing.

I am completely out of ideas to make for dinner tonight. I want pasta, but I'm tired of spaghetti. I got chicken defrosted, but I want a new way to make it. I'd like something in my crock pot, but alas, it bit the dust. (Don't ask me, ask Dave! ha) I am whining aren't I? Ooooops. :)

Dave and I were talking about Rory the other day and we were discussing how she likes to crawl in to the kitchen. Stupid me said "she doesn't really do that much when I'm home, she usually plays by the fireplace." Want to guess where I've pulled her out of 4 times already this morning? Yep. It isn't that bad, because we can close off the kitchen area easily. (Our house is small and there's like a circle...hard to explain.) But the dog's water is in the kitchen so I feel bad. Catch 22, so to speak.

I am totally ready to be done with Rory pooping 4 times a day. We tried a few new foods the last few weeks and some have been fine, others...not so much. She ate baby mac-n-cheese the last 2 days and Niagara Falls of Poop was here! Gross. It was so bad when I got her up this morning, it was on her arms, hands, up to her hair, down to her knees...through a diaper, onesie and pajamas. And then she did it again (but not nearly as bad) after breakfast. Yuck. No more cheese for that girl.

Rory has so many toys it's ridiculous. Books, stuffed animals, plastic things, things that sing, things to push, bouncers, you name it, we have some form of it. Her favorite? DVD cases and a laminated PhotoPass Card from Disney World. Cheap baby. Love it.

I want extensions in my hair. I don't do well with midlength hair. It's too short and when I try to grow it, once it hits my shoulders, it gets a weird bump in it. Not really a wave, just a bump. Extensions would solve that. Unfortunately there's no time or money for THAT, plus I live in the forest soooo...yeah. No luck there.

I am ready for a nap. Rory is not. This is a problem. :)

Oh! Gotta go. Time to sing the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Theme Song with Rory. MEEESKA! MOOOSKA! Happy Tuesday!

Truthful Tuesdays

alt="Confessions from a Working Mom" />

Elizabeth at Confessions From a Working Mom is the host for this carnival and it's one of my faves!

This week's question...How did you tell your DH/Family that you were pregnant?

This is a fun one for me! I found out I was pregnant with Rory on a Monday. (The first Monday of the dance year 2008, that's why I remember! :)) I called Dave immediately and told him. We were trying to conceive, so it wasn't a surprise to him. He claims "he knew." (RIGHT.) But we did manage to surprise my sister and my family. That upcoming Saturday was my sister's birthday party, so I made her a special card. It said "Chels, you've been the best sister for the last 21 years and I'm sure in May you'll be the best AUNT ever!" She read it aloud and it was hilarious to watch everyone's reactions. My parents got misty eyed, of course, my sister's boyfriend at the time clapped (HAHA!) it was awesome. :) Then 36 weeks and 3 days later, Rory Beth-Ann entered this world and life was forever changed for the better. :)

Top 2 Tuesday

Taylor over at Undomestic Momma is hosting Top 2 Tuesdays this week! This is a fun carnival because it only takes a second each week and gives me something to post on Tuesdays. Tuesdays are bland.

This week's topic...Top 2 Stores!

1) Old Navy. I swear to you 3/4 of everything I own is from Old Navy. It's cute, wears well, affordable...and they often have such great sales, I can afford to buy a shirt for a specific event and not have to worry about finding somewhere else to wear. If I only spent $10 on it, then it doesn't have to be a wardrobe staple! Plus their dresses are adorable in the summer, I love their workout line for work and their camis are the best. The only disappointing thing with ON is their baby sizing. Anyone else think their clothes run about 2 sizes small for babies? Everywhere else Rory is in 9-12 months (12 months at Carter's) but at Old Navy, she's 18 to 24! That's quite a difference! Doesn't really matter as long as I remember! haha

2) Target Not necessarily for clothes, although they do have some adorable stuff and I *loved* their maternity section when I was pregnant, Target is just awesome. I like it so much better than Wal-Mart, mainly because it seems so much better organized. The baby department is fantastic, especially the shoe section. All of Rory's shoes, minus one pair, that we actually like and wear on her in the cold weather are from Target. I love Target! It's like a trendy Wal-Mart. Maybe the reason I like it is the closest one is an hour and a half away so it's a treat when I Get to go! Wal-Mart is only 30 minutes away so I am there whenever I want to be....hmmmm....:)

Runners Up: Victoria's Secret, Body Central, Kohl's, Any and all shoe stores, Barnes and Noble, Pat Catan's. :)

Join in!!