Thursday, March 18, 2010

Rhinestones and Randoms.

I am dance teacher. This you know. But did you know a dance teacher is also...

a Medic
a Pastor
a Counselor
a School Teacher
a Tutor
a Costume Maker
a Crafter
an Artist
a Historian
a Rhinestone-ing Professional
a Cleaning Lady
a Big Sister?

I wear many hats. This week I am wearing the hat of RHINESTONER EXTRAORDINARIE. Competition pictures are Sunday. That means competition costumes have to be done by then. They aren't. (ha!)

There is a reaoson...

I've been SICK the last three days. I actually had to go to the ER yesterday morning for a breathing treatment. I had asthma problems in high school and they flared up badly recently due to weather changing and red buds coming out. It resulted in my lungs revolting and deciding to go on vacation or something. Long story short, I was not allowed to work yesterday or today. I am sitting at home, alternating between my majorly comfy bed and the couch, hanging out with Rory. Dave is ALSO home sick with some stomach issues...GROSS. Men are so gross sometimes!! :)

I haven't been able to get to Wal-Mart the rest of the ribbons I need. I haven't been able to rhinestone my little fingers off because I haven't seen my kids to pick up costumes on which to glue said rhinestones. See, the thing about dance competition is you have to stand out. There are only so many costume companies and therefore...there's always a chance that you will show up at comp with the same costume as another group. What can you do? Easy!

You can rhinestone your outfit within an inch of it's life and no one will know the difference. This is our (and my dear friend B's) secret weapon. Lots will be forgiven if the judges are blinded by your SPARKLE. ;)

I am feeling better today, medicine is a good thing. Dave is on the mend too. And Rory's nasty illness of last week? It's mostly gone too. Thank the Lord! All three of us sick at once is not fine for anyone.

Gotta jet. Rory apparently wants to eat the Wii remotes...such is life with a 10 month old. :)

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