Thursday, March 4, 2010

Warrior vs Worrier

A friend of mine battled Hodgkin's Lymphoma and WON! Her name is Hillary and she is a phenomenal woman. She spends her days being a mommy to beautiful Lexi and spreading awareness for HL. Hillary does all she can to raise money and knowledge for cancer research. She's a remarkable woman. She often puts quotes in her Facebook status messages and today it really made an impression on me.

"...Be a warrior, not a worrier..." -Rev Run.

Now that right there is a good sentiment. I am a chronic worrier. I worry about everything, always feeling things are out of my control. When I was pregnant last year with Rory, I was constantly in fear of getting the mail. I worried about ridiculous things all the time. (I have clinical depression and 99% of the time can manage with proper rest and coping techniques, this is where the obsession comes from.)

I am not pregnant with Rory anymore, so yes, the worrying has died down some. But I still worry. Right now, I am worrying about our big family vacation this summer, adult tap tonight and plenty of other things. I know I shouldn't worry and should simply rely on the Lord. I know that all things work together for the Good of the Lord but I still worry. I pray, I lay my burdens down and then I take them rigth back! Not smart.

Today though I am pledging to make a change. I'm going to try to be a WARRIOR over a worrier. I can be strong. I can stand up for myself and for my life and know that I will be okay. It will all work out and I will be a WARRIOR.


Laura said...

Great post!

Anything Fits A Naked Man said...

I LOVE it! You BOTH have inspired me, I'm going to try to live this, too! Thanks!