Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Tid Bits

-Rory is ALWAYS crabby on Fridays. Today she has been screaming on and off for the last 3 hours. She isn't crying, doesn't need her diaper changed, no fever, nothing out of the ordinary. But come Friday, every week...the screaming begins. Last week I took her to my mom's in the afternoon because I just. couldn't. take. it. anymore. I don't care if that puts me in the bad mom category for that day, it was better I did that than get frustrated and "yell" at her. (I was also crazy sick last week's fine.)

-Why is it that once you go to a restaurant you have been to in a long time that's all you can think about after?? Dave and I went to Sprague's last weekend for our anniversary and now I am dying for their beef stroganoff and homemade rolls again. We might go tonight! haha

-You know what is so annoying? The washing machine in this house is on the unfinished side of the basement. Therefore if I am upstairs while the clothes are washing, I can't hear it end. I tend to forget the clothes are in there and end up double washing them. I have tried setting a timer and that works, when I remember to set it!

A little Friday Awesome, coming to you courtesy of one of my students. I caught her in the perfect position, tumbling an "X-out." That's a back flip with no hands, starting in a tucked position, opening to an X and landing standing with her feet together. Enjoy!


Laura said...

That doesn't put you in the bad mom category... in fact I believe it puts you in the good mom category because you know your limits on the rough days and you aren't afraid to admit you've had enough and ask for help. Go you! Sometimes I wish my mom lived closer haha.

Neely said...

What an awesome pic!