Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Balancing My Students

I admire my Aunt Barb so much. She has two incredibly busy kids. Connor plays basketball, is involved at the church, does Art Club, etc etc etc. Kaari goes to gymnastics an hour away twice a week and has dance two days a week, plus all the usual "kid" stuff. Aunt Barb and Uncle Tom balance it all so nicely. I've also learned a really important lesson from my Aunt Barb over the last five years of running the studio. Kaari is a competitive dancer AND competitive gymnast. Luckily, her gym coach is a GREAT woman and GREAT daughter, so they are willing to work with her dance schedule. I of course work with her gymnastics schedule. Aunt Barb always says to me that Kaari's priority goes to whatever competition is next. Big meet on Saturday? Kaari might need to miss a jazz class or tap class for a little extra time at the gym. Dance competition next weekend? Well she'll just have to miss a little time at the gym for dance rehearsals. No comp or meet coming up? Split your time equally. It's a really great philosophy. Focus on what is NEXT, not what is coming. Kaari is committed to each sport and to each team, so she does her best and her part. You know what? That attitude makes any coach willing to work with busy kids.

You know what does NOT make coaches and teachers willing to work with a busy kid? Bad attitudes. Forgetting what you committed to in the fall for something that just began last week.

I URGE those of you whom are mothers/fathers to adopt my Aunt's philosophy. Your kids will be busy, especially if they live in the middle of nowhere like this town. They will want to do and try everything. They will like one thing one day, hate it the next, love it the third. They won't want to practice. They will complain about their mean dance teacher who is making them skip track practice for a MANDATORY rehearsal that half their dance studio is required to be at. They will!

Tips to do deal with scheduling conflicts? TALK TO THE COACH/TEACHER. It's a novel concept. Don't just not show up, that doesn't work. Explain the situation. See if you can do a half here, half there thing if a practice conflict. Trust me when I say I'd much rather have a kid attend half a practice then none at all. If the coach is worth anything, they will work something out with you.

I pray for my students every day. If you don't mind, shoot a prayer out for Studio K over the next two weeks. It's going to be a giant balancing act but I have complete faith it will all work out. Sigh.

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Laura said...

I am certain that when my kids decide they want to sign up for something that they will finish out the season... and if that means missing out on something else then oh well. There are lessons to be learned in life... finishing something you committed to is one and knowing that you can't do everything is another.