Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Welcome back

Well well well...I'm officially the worst blogger in the world. But let's be honest...May and June and most of July was a whirlwind. Last week was my first week with no teaching (other than 4 half hour private lessons) since LAST AUGUST. And this week, I got the insanely crazy idea to re do the big dance room at my technically this is supposed to be my second week of break and yeah...I worked 13 hours yesterday. But you know what? It was awesome!

Studio K now has wi-fi! And accepts credit cards! And has a front desk! And the walls in the big room are no longer crumbling around us!

All good, baby. All good.

To catch you up, since I know you're been dying without Rory and Trace updates, here's a little photo dump...

Spent a ton of time teaching my two superstars (two of many ;)) 

Rory learned to jump off the diving board, into deep water!, doing all sorts of jumps...she is a total fish!

Went to an AWESOME LIFE CHANGING KICK @$$ Dance Teacher Conference in Boston. I loved every second of it and I'm a 100x better dance teacher because of it.

Ro and Fizz got to spend a lot of time with various cousins...and they were especially happy to hang out with Liza and Jason at the lake! :)

We went to a National Dance Competition...AND WE WON. Full recap to come. :)

Spent a lot of time, as much as possible!, at our Aunt and Uncle's pool.

Ha! Rocking some headwear and some serious hardware after TTB Nationals

Oh yeah...I tore my Achilles...AGAIN. I am trying to make the best of it...this is me enjoying a motorized scooter at Home Depot and helping my dad cart their new plants around. :)

Lovely and comfy night brace.

Suck it, Achilles. Honestly.

This pic melts me...this is Connor, my 16 y/o cousin and the first baby I learned to take care of, showing my baby how to put together Thomas train sets, just like I did with him. <3 p="">

My beautiful and talented, smart and kind, considerate and exciting, ELITE TEAM at Nationals!!

Back to blogging feels goooood!

What have you been up to??