Friday, January 29, 2010

Prim Swim

Attention! Attention!

I have never liked a single swimming suit I've owned.


I always feel inappropriate in them. (haha) I am "gifted" in certain areas of my body and have been since 8th grade. (Joy of all joys.) I've never felt comfortable in a swimming suit because there was no coverage where I needed it. It was disappointing and usually resulted in me wearing a tank top over the top to feel a little better about things.

I don't think I'll need that anymore!!

Check out Prim Swim!

Not only are their suits super cute, they are modest too. Thick straps up top, gathering to hide problem areas and they all come with full foam cups and a built in shelf bra.

Hello, ladies. I'm in *luv.* :) Check them out! You'll love it!

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