Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Let's talk football.

My name is Kate and I can predict sporting events with pretty darn good accuracy.

This is my hidden talent and it annoys my husband to no end!! This is a Steelers Household. We are also Pens fans (love my Kunitz!) and Penn State Fans. We are loyal fans to our teams, good bad and ugly.

Unfortunately, I have an innate ability to look at the state of the Steelers in the first few games and determine whether or not we'll be heading to the Super Bowl. Both times in the last four years the Steelers have gone to THE GAME, I've called it. Both times they've won. I called it. This year, in September I said to Dave we'd be lucky to make it to the playoffs, let alone the SB. (Not that I am a pesimistic fan, I would have LOVED to be proven wrong. :))

In October, I looked at all the teams and predicted 2 teams for the Super Bowl. Anyone want to take a guess what I said??

Saints vs Colts

Yep. I'm good.

Dumb luck? Perhaps! (haha I can admit it!) I picked the Saints and the Colts in these last two games because...

The Vikings. OMG. I can't stand Bretty Favre. I have no problem with the Vikings, just Favre. First off, he says his name wrong. The R comes after the V, yet when you say it, it's reversed? Yeahhhh. Also, he started playing in the NFL when I was six years old. He's retired twice yet still plays? I think he abandoned Green Bay. And the last reason I can't stand him is his terrible locker room rendition of "Pants On the Ground." Gag me with a purple and gold spoon.

Also, I don't like the Jets because I don't think their fans are excited enough in the NYC area. Ever been to Pgh during a Super Bowl season?! THAT'S fan excitement! Also, Alan Faneca plays there now and I really miss his impact on the Steelers. He was a vital part of our team. Sigh.

Now, on to the big game.

1) The Saints. I personally feel that Drew Brees is completely underrated and underappreciated. He is FANTASTIC. He is accurate (70.6%!) and just an all around SMART QB. I am glad he's in the Super Bowl because hopefully people will focus on his really good playing.
Here's my favorite part of the Saints though...

Yep. Reggie Bush. Two scoops of ice cream delicious right there!

2) The Colts. Say it with me now...AWWWWWW. I l-o-v-e Peyton Manning. I think he is classy, upbeat and a good guy. And his wife is beautiful and has a good head on her shoulders. He's fantastic. I just think of the Colts as a good, wholesome team. Tony Dungy was a great man when he coached there and they have really kept that persona up since he left.

So here's the question. What is my choice?

COLTS. Yep. Peyton's going to bring it on home for the AFC again this year.

But don't worry. I won't be upset if I'm wrong. I'll be in Florida, at Disney World, soooo I could really care less. :)

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Melissa said...

omg! You are too funny! i love the saints b/c you know - i am from Baton Rouge - just 2 hours away from New Orleans. BUT i only love them for that reason (same reason i love LSU). I'm not really a football watcher.

But i LOVE that you can predict the games/winners! That's awesome haha