Saturday, January 2, 2010

Callapitter Blog

I think I need to call everyone's attention to an important blog.

This blog is written by Amy Ambrusko about "the story of (her) life and journey after the death of (her) children."

Basically, she had two great kids, Peter and Kate, that were tragically killed in a car accident in April. They were driving back to Buffalo with their father when he had a siezure and passed out while driving. They were killed in the crash, he survived.

Holy crap.

I can't even imagine, waiting around for your ex-husband to call and say they got to his house safely, and instead recieve a call that says "The kids are dead." That would be the worst possible thing imaginable, I think. Her kids didn't get cancer. There was no illness. No hospitals visits, no medical explanations to cling to once they were gone. They were both poof gone in an instant, taken from her before she had a chance to really watch them grow up.

Her blog is so painfully honest and cathartic. I have been reading her faithfully for the last month or so, after PittGirl ( wrote about her. Amy's latest entry reviews the last ten years in her life, as the last decade came to a close. What a LIFE she has had! Good, bad and in between. Married, 2 babies, moved to Pittsburgh, then she found our her husband was gay (imagine!!), divorce, ex-husband moves back to Buffalo and then bam. Death of her two kids.

How she isn't crazy by now I'll never know. I highly recommend reading along her journey. She's a writer among writers, if you will. Please read her blogs then say a prayer for her. I'm sure she can use it.

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Laura said...

Checking it out... but if she makes me cry too much I won't be able to read for long.