Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Post It Note Tuesday

Can I just say again I really enjoy SupahMom?! Her blog is so cute and her Tuesday McLinky is really fun. :) Post it Note Tuesday! This is my first one and I'm joining in.

Here's mine for this week.

And seriously...If you're name is Kate and you have been thinking that the totes for the rest of the Christmas decorations were sitting happily in the basement for the last 2 months, you'd be sorely mistaken. If then, you said to yourself, they must be in the spare bedroom...you'd still be wrong.


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Shell said...

I did manage to take all mine down a few days after Christmas. HOWEVER, hubs has been saying that he'll take them all to storage for me. Nope, they're still sitting in our little entryway room. So annoying!