Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Weight Loss Goals for this week

I'm setting my goals for this week, and I have a BIG one.

I've given up Diet Coke.

Good bye. See you when I've lost 40 pounds. BYE BYE. I don't need your empty calories or small amount of sodium. Yeah, you may be calorie free and sugar free, but you are empty! You do nothing for me and are chock full of gross chemicals I don't need. I am going to start a relationship with my friend water. It's a much better match, helps to curb my appetite and helps me feel fuller faster. SO there, Diet Coke. I won't miss you. You won't miss me. We'll survive!

I'm also making it a goal to exercise 4 times this week. I was all set to head up to my mom's after Rory's breakfast to get on the treadmill, but it is beyond cold outside and I'm not crazy about taking the baby out. Don't think I'm coping out though!! As soon as she goes down for a nap, I have a date with Jillian downstairs. :)

My third goal for this week is to eat as little sugar as possible. I can't say NO sugar, because some things that are okay on my plan have small amounts of sugar in them. I mean no candy, cake, cookies, etc. No sugary choices, if that makes sense.

Tuesday is my favorite dance day of the week! I hope your Tuesdays are as fun as mine promsies to be.
Later, cats.


Laura said...

Sounds like some good choices!

And when I say no sugar... I still have things like ketchup and my apple crisp. Just none of what you said.

Nikki Bond said...

Sounds like a great choice! Diet coke is so tempting sometimes because it has no calories so you don't feel TOO guilty, but lets be honest...it is really bad for our bodies!