Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My birthday present to myself.

It's my birthday. Yippee. haha I don't really care for birthdays. But I do know that hiding in my husband's car is the first season of gLee on DVD for me...well at least I'm pretty sure because I told him I don't care about anything else today, just that! No special dinner or flowers or a party...just that!! hahaha :)

This is what I WANT to look like again. I love my thin face, so unround and un-plate like. (haha!) I will get there again.

This is what I look like now...(Ugh.)

Actually, this was in November. That's like 2.5 pounds ago! Woop!

This is my present to myself. A year long committment to a better lifestyle. I will give myself that FACE again by summertime as a present to myself.

Happy Birthday, Kate. GET EXERCISING! :)

1 comment:

Laura said...

haha! This is the best birthday post I think I have ever read.

Un-plate like????

Happy birthday Kate!!