Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding

My Google Reader is blowing up with posts on the Royal Wedding and I LOVE IT. I can't help it. I'm a total anglophile. I love all things British, especially royal. It's fascinating to me, the pomp and circumstance, the traditions, the manner in which things proceed, the fashion, the outrageous hats...I love it! I spent a good part of the morning explaining things to Rory and showing her a real life Princess. She was so excited and was running around saying "pincess kate! pincess kate!" Adorable.

Some pictures, all from Google Images, of the festivities...

I just have to say. Princess Diana would have been so proud of William and Harry. This week I've watched TONS of coverage on the lives of the two princes. What good, upstanding, charitable sons she produced! They truly are carrying on her legacy. Job well done, boys!

So eventually the Queen of England will be named Kate. Don't think for one second I won't be exploiting that fact to David as soon as that happens. I'm the QUEEN now! :) And Harry's girlfriend is named I think my sister and I have every right to lord these facts over everyone should Harry marry Chelsea. Kate and Chelsea. Perfect.

Although, Harry's crazy if he doesn't put the moves on Pippa! She's gorgeous! :)

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Kelly said...

Ahhh, LOVE all of the photos!! Wasn't it just simply gorgeous?? Though I have to say, although I agree that Pippa is stunning... girl needs to eat a hamburger or two :-S Thanks for posting the beaaaautiful photos!