Monday, April 25, 2011

6 Months of Trace

Dear Trace,

You are six months old today. SIX MONTHS OLD! Half a year. Fast forward this same amount of time and you will be one. I am excited for you to be one. Much more excited than I was for your sister, honestly. So many things will get better for you in the next six months. We are praying every day that your digestion issues resolve themselves before you turn one. We are asking everyone we know to pray specifically for you and your little tummy. We want that reflux and your soy/milk sensitivities GONE!

Trace, my boy, these last 6 months have been incredibly difficult on me. You have forced me to stretch my comfort zone in so many ways. I've researched, learned and advocated for you in ways I didn't think I'd have to do. This has made me a much better Mom. Your sister was an easy baby. By easy I mean "by the books." With her, I learned to be a mom and do all things "baby" right. (Most of the time. ;)) You, Trace Joseph, have taught me to power through long nights, long days and rough patches because someone else is so worth it.

You can sit up now, pretty well. You push up into "downward facing dog" all the time. You love to roll around on the floor and just stretch out. Your jumparoo is your favorite place still, though. You love to go in there and bounce, have a chew on a toy and listen to Rory's music. You adore your daddy and as soon as he gets home, you don't want to be with anyone but him. You have started giving us big open mouth kisses and love to snuggle in the morning and before bed. You've said Mama and Dada both a few times now. Last night, you were really hungry (growth spurt perhaps?) and when you were crying I heard you calling for Dada. You weren't sad when it was me that came in for you. :)

You LOVE Rory. You two already have such a special connection. I am choosing to store these memories carefully, ready to pull them out for my own comfort when you two are fighting and beating each other up in a couple years. :) You love to play with her and even let her "hold you." You light up when she comes around and every morning, you roll around in your crib until she comes in and says "HI TREECE!"

Oh Little Fizz, T-Fizz, Fizzy Face, T-Joe, Teej, Fuzzy Head, Buddy, Handy Manny. I am so thankful for you. There are so many things I hope and wish for your life, but for the moment? For the moment I am just thankful that God chose me to be your Mommy. You are my favorite son!

The best is yet to come, baby boy. The BEST is yet to come!
With lots of love from the bottom of my heart, Mama


Meghan said...

Aww! Trace is such a doll face! Your cute family melts my heart:)

Unknown said...

Oh, I loooove the one of the two of them together!! SOOO cute!

Kelly said...

Awwwww!! Look at these pictures of the kiddos!! Trace's smile and cheeks are too much :-D and Rory looks precious as ever!