Sunday, April 3, 2011

Saturday at the Theater with Rory

Yesterday, I took Rory and 2 of my cousins (Connor and Kaari) to see a local high school production of "Beauty and the Beast." My mom was in charge of costumes/props, so we had to go to support Gaga. Overall, it was an excellent production. The Beast and Belle were really great! (And I'm kind of a theatre snob so I wasn't expecting to be impressed. I compare everyone's singing to my sister's. I know I shouldn't, but I do! haha) A couple of the other kids were really good as well. It was nice to see a huge chorus with lots of kids of all ages involved. Get that theatre bug young! :)

Rory thoroughly enjoyed the show. It was super long though, almost 3 hours. (TOO long for a kids' show.) She started getting bored during the second half and decided to sing along with Belle, every time she sang. Loud cries of "EI EI EI OH!" rang out through the auditorium. I'm not kidding you, she was LOUD. So loud my mom heard her backstage! I tried to make her be quiet, but she just wanted to sing. Rory would cry if I told her to quiet down.

Now, don't give me that look. I wasn't being "That mom." We took her to a special matinee that was designed for young kids. They encouraged everyone to dress up, sold light up roses, etc. TONS of other kids were being loud so it wasn't just Rory. Trust me, if it wasn't okay I would have taken her out. I usually take her out of everything we go to super quickly when she gets to wailing. (haha!)

A few pictures. Rory is NOT Tinkerbelle as everyone referred to her yesterday. She is Princess Tiana, thank you very much. Kaari is Princess Ariel. Her hair is not really red, she sprayed it for the day. (But it's really cute red, I have to say!)


Melissa said...

Beauty & the Beast was my first musical at the local theatre in 2006. LOVED IT! So much fun being a part of that show!!

Rory looks SUPER cute!! Love all the pics!

Unknown said...

How fun! The pictures are adorable! :)