Thursday, April 14, 2011

Top 5 Thursdays: Celeb Crushes

Oh how I love Meghan's Top 5 Thursday topics each week. This week's theme is no exception. Top 5 Celebrity Crushes. Some of mine are straight up EMBARRASSING, so please. Feel free to laugh. :)

Following Neely and Meg's examples, I'm putting mine in chronological order too.

1. Jonathon Taylor Thomas

I'm pretty sure you'd be hard pressed to find a girl born in 1985 who WASN'T in love with Jonathon Taylor Thomas, aka JTT. The hair. The vests. The vocabulary. Swoon! The "love" of my 4th through 6th grade days.

2. Robert Sean Leonard

Yeah, embarrassing. He's a little older than twice. (haha) But we watched Dead Poet's Society in 9th grade English and there was just no turning back! Then Much Ado About Nothing in 10th?! I was hooked. And by the way, he's still pretty good looking on House anyways. :)

3. Matthew McConaughey

12th grade. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. Saw it on a date, forgot I was with (loser) boyfriend and actually said outloud "Holy crap that guy is hot!"

Um. Oops. hehe

But he IS. Even if Dave (non-loser husband! :)) thinks his whisper voice is weird and that he is "too cool," I STILL have a thing for him. And it's perfectly fine because Dave thinks Hillary Duff is the hottest woman ever. WHAT! Okay Dave. (haha)

4. Christian Bale

Specifically, Laurie in Little Women. And every other role he's ever played. Yes, I know he's a total d-bag whom beat up his mom but we're not talking celebs we would marry. We're simply superficial here today. Thank goodness. ;) This crush starting in college when I was cast as Jo in Little Women and I started watching the Little Women movie with Susan Sarandon and Winona Ryder every day. I've loved the movie since 5th grade and (confession) actually just watched it in bed this morning when Dave's stupid alarm woke me up at 5.

1. Neil Haskell

So. You. Think. You. Can. Dance.

I'm such a sucker for a good looking guy dancer. And, better still, Neil is STRAIGHT! Youtube him. Fall in love. :)

Okay. Last minute amendment. A tie for first place....
Zac Efron

Always thought he was cute in High School Musical, but Hairspray sealed the deal. The role of Link has a history of sexiness attached to it: Matthew Morrison (Mr. Schuester on Glee) was the original Link. I saw it on Broadway with Ashley Parker Angel from O Town as Link. And lots of goodness in between.

Sidebar. I definitely IMDB'd him to make sure he wasn't a million years younger than me so I wouldn't come off as a total creep. He isn't. He's my sister's age! Phew. ;)


star said...

I adore Zac Efron! So gorgeous!

Kimberly said...

Oh my goodness, I ADORED JTT!!! Really! He was such a cutie and I loved his personality! He definitely had me crushing too!

And Matthew McConaughey?? Yeah, I totally still think he's delicious eye candy!

Beth said...

I haven't had any recent celeb crushes, but back in the day I had HUGE crushes on Kirk Cameron and Joey from New Kids on the Block. Hahaha! Ahhh, the 80s.... :)

Meghan said...

I loved JTT too! And Robert Sean Leonard! I now love watching him on "House"!

Thanks for playing along! You rock!

Unknown said...

hahahah! JTT was the love of my 6th grade life, too :)

Neely said...


Kelly said...

Okay, no what?? Christian beat up his mom? What?? I know he can be a bit weird at award shows and yelled at some stage hand a few years ago... But his mom? Like you said, it's not people we'd marry. He's still at the top of my list too!! :-D