Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Musical Night of Television!



Last night was an AWESOME music night on TV.

Indulge me as I recap two fantastic shows for you.


I've said it before and I'll say it again. Glee sucks one week, then kills it the next. It seems to be a pattern. I thought last week was a snooze fest. This week was AMAZING. I loved the "love yourself" theme, although I was pretty disappointed there wasn't more Gaga. I thought this was a Gaga themed episode, and this mama LOVES her some Gaga! But, still. Loved it.

Best song of the night? That's hard for me to choose.

Kurt singing "As If We Never Said Goodbye"

Quinn and Rachel, Unpretty/I Feel Pretty

I can't decide! I just can't! Both were great. My only wish was that they wouldn't have said "damn" in Unpretty so I could use it for a dance! ;)

I feel like Glee is really stretching all these storylines. A LOT. No Sue at ALL this week? Dislike. This better not be the end of the Warblers either. I'll be super mad!

Moving on...


First, let's get it out of the way. I am kinda infatuated with Adam Levine. SIGH. ;)

I digress.

I need to say this: I can't stand American Idol. (Sorry Kelly!) I just can't stand it. I think it has run its course and should go quietly off the air forever. It bothers me. The last few seasons have been total sleepers and it wasn't because of the judges. The format of the show needs shifted, the way they choose performers DEFINITELY needs changed up. It's just a frustrating show to me.

I really like the format of The Voice, on the other hand. I appreciate the blind auditions so much. I think what I like best is two things. One, they didn't waste any tv time on loser singers. I don't like that part of American Idol or SYTYCD, to be honest. I don't like watching people embarrass themselves on tv, even if it is a known risk they take by signing up. It's not funny to me. Two, I love that America doesn't get to choose until the end. This gives me confidence that whomever wins will be AMAZING and still America's favorite.

There were SO MANY great singers on the show last night. My favorites so far are Javier, of course. He sang Time After Time. I also loved both the country guy singers, Patrick and the kid from Texas who's mom just died. (Name?!?) I didn't care for the duet very much or the girl that Adam freaked out over, Rebecca Loebe. (I'm pretty sure that's her name) I thought her song was kind of a sleeper.

Did you watch The Voice or Glee?? What did you think?


Unknown said...

I have Glee on DVR - glad it's a good one! I agree about your good one week/bad the next theory!

Melissa said...

I hate Glee. Idk why!! And i thought i would love it b/c of my love for musicals...

I love American Idol, as you know. But i agree w/ you - i HATE the parts where they waste time on terrible singers. UGH!!! It's awful. Awkward. Embarrassing! I hated AI the last 2 seasons but gave it a try this season & it is 100x better. PROMISE!! And the judges change made a huge difference!

I would love the voice, though, i'm sure!

Melissa said...

I'm putting your button my blog! YAY! :)