Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring? Is that you?

Okay I always want to title my posts about spring "Springtime for Hitler" but I realize most people don't know that's a song from "The Producers" musical and it might scare people. So I don't. :)

It's raining outside my window! WOOOHOOO! Why is rain exciting? Because it's not snow. Honestly, I don't mind the snow. But typically in April it's no longer snowing consistently. Lately, it has been and it's been wearing on my nerves. My kids need fresh air and the poor dog is pitifully staring out the window, longing for her fenced in backyard. Today it's supposed to be 62 degrees here in the forest and high 40's, mid 50's the rest of the week. It might be time to say Spring is in the air!

This week is the start of my crazy season. For real. Dave and I were looking at the calendar last night, planning for the week and we realized we have ONE weekend without something scheduled every day between now and Father's Day! Yikes. But it's all good, exciting stuff. It will be crazy but it will be exciting at the same time.

With spring and busy weekends season. Not my favorite season of the year, for sure. I try reallllly hard not to get edgy about Dave's love for golf but it does get frustrating. Especially in the summer when I'm not working consistent hours and spend most days home alone with both kids. I do realize I am super lucky in this department, though. Really golf is the only "thing" Dave does, he's not a hunter or anything. He skis a few times a year, fishes a few times, hit a couple Penn State games but nothing else has a "season" the way golf does. I'm glad he has something to do that's good for him and makes him happy I just wish it wasn't a 6 hour thing each time! Maybe I should request a 6 hour spa trip each time he hits the links. ;)

Dave and I are trying to decide where to go for a long weekend after the recital this year. We're planning on going Father's Day weekend. Any suggestions? We usually go to New York, TKTS a couple shows, wander around some museums, eat some crazy food but we've done that 2 out of the last 5 recitals! We're open for suggestions. A long weekend trip is my end of the year bonus to myself each year. But we haven't gotten to go the last 2 years because Rory was just born in 2009 and I was pregnant last year! It can be anywhere, we have lots of time to decide and save up if we need to. Suggest away! :)


Lacey said...

Ah yes! The golfers widow. I hear ya! Unfortunately for me, my husband is also a hunter and fisher so I'm always a widow to something it seems. And I totally hear you about the 6 hour deal. In our case by the time he gets home, he's usually worthless from all the "socializing" so I can write him off for the rest of the day!
And I hope that your spring is here to stay! Yesterday we shattered records in Kansas with a high of 92! Today - our high is supposed to be 55. Ugh!

Laura said...

I wish Mike did something that had a season. The man has no hobbies. Blah. He needs one desperately!

As for weekend trips... Mike and I went to Shenandoah and it was really great. Hikes that weren't too long or hard. Quiet. In the middle of nowhere. We went a Friday to Monday so we had two full days and we were soooo relaxed and had such a wonderful time because there really wasn't anything to do but relax. It was nice to have a vacation where we didn't have a gazillion things we needed to fit in.

I recently was looking at a place in Ohio. People around here take trips out there to shop the amish stuff. I don't remember the name of the place right now but if you are interested I could find it. Lots of cute bed and breakfasts, wine tours, amish tours, hiking trails, shopping. Looked like a cute and fun place to go and I think that is where I will try to go next time I get a long weekend.

Unknown said...

Golf is the one thing I wish my husband DID do because I actually like to golf! haha

Meghan said...

Ha! I love The Producers reference!

Do you need ideas for other cities besides NY? I love Boston, Austin and of course, Chicago! :)