Monday, April 18, 2011

Weekend Recap: Mommy Bloggin'

This weekend, as you know, we took Rory to see the Imagination Movers in State College. If you are unfamiliar with Kindie Rock (yes, that's the actual name of kids' musical genre!) or don't have a Disney loving kid under the age of 5, you might not know whom the Movers are.


They are 4 Dads from New Orleans who started a band 9 years ago to entertain their kids. Three years ago, Disney picked them up as a TV Show and I am so grateful they did! The Movers promote imagination, problem solving, teamwork and creativity. I feel like Rory actually gains something in the 22 minutes spent watching the Movers. Added bonus, they are really good musicians and singers which makes theirs songs incredibly catchy and even enjoyable! This is huge for Kindie Rock. Sometimes I want to gouge my eyes out in the car. (More on Kids Place Live on XM another day...)

They really are enjoyable to watch on TV and even better live. We had a delightful surprise when we got to the show. The "opening act" was Genevieve and DC from Choo Choo Soul! This is a little 5 minute "in betweener" show on Disney Junior a couple times a morning. Rory LOOOOVES Choo Choo Soul. It's all singing and dancing. I was surprised at how great at dancing DC was and what a great performer Genevieve was. I also really appreciated her stance on dressing modestly and still being great! Never too young to start teaching kids about being modest and dressing appropriately!


The entire show was an hour and a half on the dot. Perfect length for the pre-school set. It was high energy, filled with action, tons of dancing and singing. The Movers and Neighbor Neena made an effort to get out into every part of the audience, even heading to the tip top balcony. It was wonderful to see the Movers interacting with the kids in the audience. Rory was so confused why they were standing in front of her! She kept saying "Mova Dave? Mova Dave Mama?" :)

Some pictures of Rory at the Movers...

Post Show Exhaustion

The Movers on stage

Rory hugging her Warehouse Mouse (Oh where is Warehouse Mouse...?)

Dancing with Daddy

Pouting on the way there. Didn't last long though. :)


Unknown said...

Wow! This looks really neat. I bet she had an awesome time!!

Neely said...

That last pic is hysterical!