Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ho hum.

I've got nothing this Tuesday. NOTHING. That rarely happens to me. Usually, there's a blog hop or two at least that I'd join in. I love Girl Talk's Hops, because they are always an interesting topic. Today's theme is "Dream Store to Own" (money and resources not a hindrance!) I sat here for the longest time thinking about it and I came up with...a dance studio. HAHAHAHA Original, Kate. Very original. Taylor's Top 2? Top 2 drinks. Diet Coke and Coffee. Which is you know me, this no big discovery.

I'm so lame today! :)

I guess though that is a good thing. I'm finally feeling control over this whole family of 4 thing. I've got Trace on a semblance of a schedule, Rory is navigating her path through toddler hood and I can find time in the day to breathe. Trace's health issues are under control at the moment. The studio is running like a well oiled machine, chugging along towards competition and the recital. Sure there's things I'd change, always. But I'm just not stressed about it at the moment.

It is, as they say, just a simple fact. I'm too blessed to be stressed.

I've been spending a lot of time at night lately praying for my kids. I'm so thankful for them and I give thanks every day, multiple times, for each of them. But lately I've been praying for their future, their friends, their teachers, their future spouses. Maybe that's where my sudden sense of calm is coming from. I know that I can't control the future or predict what is to happen. All I can do is pray that God's will will play out in His timing, the way He sees it to be. I pray for the wisdom to remind myself God is in control and the fortitude not to snatch my worries back from His control. I'm counting my blessings, past, present and future.

I'm of the "They will know you by your deeds" school of Christianity. I strive (read: try) to live a good, God centered life. I try daily to be a strong Christian woman. I want to be an example of God's love and compassion but I also don't want to be "in your face" and "over the top" with my religion. I want people to wonder what's different about me, about the studio. Sparking that curiosity in someone is my best technique to encourage someone to come to church. It works for me. It's the best I can do. I let my light shine, if you will. :)

I'm thankful that I was raised in a Christian household. I can't imagine not having religion in my life. My relationship with God is so comforting and relaxing to me. I pray 100 times a day, short little "shout outs." Can't find my keys? Shoot a prayer for a calm mind to remember where I put them. Trace is screaming and won't settle? Quick prayer for peace in my heart and patience with Trace. The simple act of speaking to God, knowing that even in the depth of my worst days, there's Someone listening to my concerns is the single most comforting thought I have. God is good, all the time.

Well what do you know. I did have something to say after all. :)

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Unknown said...

Yes, you did have something to say! Best blog post I've read today!! LOVE IT! :)