Friday, April 15, 2011

Imagination Movers and Blue and White!

I won't be around this weekend.

I'm off to a hot concert...

Yep. We're taking Rory to see The Imagination Movers as an early birthday present because trust, this kid needs NO MORE TOYS! ;) Dave and I will be spending our Friday night in true Mom and Dad fashion, jamming out at a Kindie Rock concert.

We're staying in State College for the weekend because it's BLUE AND WHITE WEEKEND!! And since WE ARE...PENN STATE in this household (Dave's an alum, along with over half my family) We'll be partaking in all things Blue and White. The parade, the carnival, the dance team (my personal favorites) and hopefully, if it's not raining too hard, the intra-squad game.

I mean...I know some of you are college sports fans. (Cough Kelly cough) But I have to tell you. Penn State Football puts all other college sports to shame. Absolutely the best fans in the world. Loyal doesn't even begin to describe Penn State Fans. Personally, I hate going IN to Beaver Stadium. I am extremely claustrophobic so having 110,000 people surrounding me makes me nauseous. But I love the tailgating, the energy, the excitement, the tradition. The atmosphere is electric!

PSU...Home of the original White Out!

Enjoy your weekends, friends. Hope you've got some nice weather coming your way!


Lacey said...

I'm not a huge college football fan (mostly because my team sucks at football) but we always root for Penn State because how can you NOT love JoePa?
Oh, and we DVRed that Imagination Movers concert on Disney and rock out to it at home ALL. THE. TIME. I'm jealous you get to see it live. Is that as pathetic as it sounds? Happy Friday!

Unknown said...

I hear about Penn State's coach alll the time from my hubs. He thinks he's the greatest thing ever.

Not the greatest thing ever? He's a Duke football fan. Hence no love of college football from me! haha

Meghan said...

Aww! Have a wonderful time!