Thursday, April 7, 2011

Top 5 Thursdays: Music Memories

Meghan over at The Perfect Compilation Tape gives prompts on Thursdays for Top 5 Thursday. This is her first week of a link up though, thanks to Neely! :) I'm a pretty big fan of both of these women's mandatory that I join in. Plus, Meghan's prompts are ALWAYS great. What are you waiting for?! Join in!

Sidebar: It's going to be a double post day. Just be aware of that fact. Serious Rory cuteness coming at you later today and some details on her birthday giveaway! :)

These are in no particular order, because that'd be so hard! And no making fun of my musical theatre nerdness. ;)

Top 5 Thursday: Favorite Music Memories

5. The Return of the Queen of Sheba by The World Wide Message Tribe

This was one of the first times growing up as a dancer that I remember really having to work HARD for a dance. My mom grilled my butt for hours on a turn section in this dance so my teacher wouldn't yell at me. Plus I remember thinking how GORGEOUS the costume was...and looking back? Holy moly it was ugly! haha

4. A Summer in Ohio from the Last Five Years

Oh Teenage Theatre Nerd Angst. Yikes. Shudder. The Ultimate Showmance Ballad for all the "scorned leading ladies" my age. (Sorry for the crappy recording? What the heck?)
I could shove an ice pick in my eye...

3. Annie's Song by John Denver

When I was little, my used to sit on the edge of my bed and play his guitar and sing us John Denver songs as lullabyes. I sing the same songs to Ro and T. Any song by John Denver immediately takes me back to being 7 years old and singing along with my dad. Good stuff. :)

2. Your Love (Lifting Me Higher)

Bahahahaha. So embarrassing. Yikes. Moving On.

1. A Way Back to Then from [Title of Show]

A new-er song, I guess. I love everything about this song and it is the perfect ballad for all things Studio K. This song has breeded inspiration in me for years now. Good stuff.


Meghan said...

Thanks for linking up, my dear! I am glad Neely convinced me to do it, ha!

I love your list because I don't recognize most of these songs! It's a great way to learn some new ones!

Unknown said...

I love love love LOVE Annie's Song!