Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Top 2 Tuesday

Taylor's theme this week? Top 2 Songs on your iPod. As a dancer, I love me some music! I like this theme a lot! These are just two of my current favorites. (By the way, if I actually gave you the top 2 most played songs on my iPod you'd hear "Baby Ballet: Circle Stretch" and "Telephone by Lady Gaga." Both STUDENT picks, although you know I love the Gagaloo.)

1. The Script: For the First Time

Have you heard this song? If you listen to Top 20 or whatever the channel is called on Sirius/XM, you have. And you are probably sick of it. But I LOVE IT. It came on the radio at a really tough time in my life, going through all of Trace's trials and the resulting toll on my entire life. This song was so comforting to me. I crank it every time it comes on the radio.

2. Kate by Ben Folds

Ben Folds is my favorite of all time. He is BEYOND talented. He writes, plays, sings, speaks. He's a genius. Do this really need an explanation? It's my favorite singer and a song about ME! (Minus the line about smoking pot. Ahem.) When I was just dating Dave, he took me to a Ben Folds concert and it was perfection. Even he was loving it. Real singers are so rare these days.

Current Honorable Mentions:
Gracie by Ben Folds
Hold It Against Me by Britney Spears
Born This Way by Lady Gaga
Hey Baby by Pitbull
Tonight by Hot Chelle Ray
Glee's Teenage Dream
Glee's Start Me Up/Living On a Prayer Mash Up


Ashley said...

I like Ben Folds Five too!!

April Westerhold said...

Our daughter's name is GracieAnn. Almost as soon as we found out that I was having a girl, we knew her name was going to be Gracie. I discovered Gracie by Ben Folds and my husband sings it to her all of the time. I'm sure it will be the song that they dance to at her wedding. Love it!

Stopping by from Top 2 Tuesday
april@Party of Five

Amber said...

Hi there, stopping by from The Undomestic Momma! I LOVE The Script and I love this song :).

katmcd said...

The Script's lyrics are always so amazing. Great pick!

Unknown said...

I loved that Glee mash-up! And also love Brit and Gaga

Anonymous said...

Great picks! I didn't discover Ben Folds until recently, but I'm becoming a fan!

Jen said...

I also love The Script-that song is in heavy rotation on my MP3 player.

Thanks for visiting my blog today!

Kit said...

I love both of these!!! Great picks!

Anonymous said...

The Script is one of my favorite bands. Love their stuff.

I'm also a Gleek. I like pretty much every mashup they've done and buy the cds. I sound like a complete nerd, huh?

Ashley said...

Oh my, love every single song listed here!!! Especially Brit and the Glee songs. :)