Sunday, April 10, 2011

Chicken Tacos

Yesterday, I actually had some time to myself. Dave took the kids to visit his parents while I was at work in the morning and they ended up hanging out until after naps! I decided to cook because it's what I do. I had seen a recipe on Pioneer Woman the other day for Chicken Tacos. I thought it looked delicious, but of course in typical Kate fashion I had to change it. Click here for her original recipe.

Chicken Tacos

1 lb Chicken Breasts/Tenders (Bnls, Sknls) Cutlets would work too, whichever you have on hand
1 can of diced green chiles
Diced Peppers and onions
1 packet of Taco Seasoning
Corn Tortillas
Canola Oil
Sour Cream
Mexican Mix Cheese
Taco Sauce

1) Dice up your raw chicken. Take the time to trim off any fat or tendons. Cut it up into strips or bite sized pieces, whichever you like better. I did pieces because I saved some out for Rory and I didn't need to cut it that way. Heat up a capfull of canola oil in a skillet while you are dicing up the chicken.

2) Saute your chicken, turning it often. Toss with taco seasoning. I used Old El Paso Mild Seasoning, about half of the envelope. I added it about half way in to the cooking process.

3) Once chicken is cooked, add in green chiles and liquid from chile can. Just dump that sucker in there. Stir, cook for a few minutes to combine. Pour chicken mixture in to a separate bowl.

4) In same skillet, so they get some delicious chicken jus and seasoning, saute peppers and onions. Personally, on tacos, I like a little crunch so I don't saute my veggies until they are soft as I would for soup or something else. It's a personal choice! :)

5) Pour satued veggies in to same bowl as chicken and chiles. Mix. Set aside.

6) In another skillet or saute pan, pour about 1/2 inch of canola oil. This will be for frying up your tortillas. Don't skimp!

7) Once the oil is HOT, fry up your tortillas! Here's where Ree and I really start to disagree. I fried the tortillas lightly, until a nice golden brown and then drained them and set them aside. She would then fill the tacos and refry them so they are folded. That would be fine too, I just wanted to skip a step. (haha!)

8) Fill up your tortillas with goodness! Chicken mix first, then cheese so the heat melts it. Load these suckers up. I used low fat sour cream and Weight Watchers cheese. The only "bad" things in this recipe would be the fried tortillas and you really could skip that step and make these soft tacos. I made sure to drain the oil off the tortillas really well and chose not to worry about it. :) Other than that, it's loaded with veggies and good, lean chicken.

I loved loved loved this recipe. It's going to be a "regular" around here, I know. It did take longer than I usually spend on weeknight dinners but it was the weekend. :) Okay now I am hungry for these all over again. They would not be good for breakfast, though...:)



Unknown said...

Yummmy! Love all Mexican food!

Erin said...

if you ever decided you DID want to eliminate frying the tortillas...

what i do is brush mine with canola or light olive oil, just enough to make them a little shiny but not so much that they're greasy, and then i bake them until crispy. 350•, 400•, whatever- just keep an eye on them if you use a higher temp because they go from deliciously golden to black hockey pucks pretty quickly. (not that i know from experience... :) )

i love this method because i don't have to deal with a pan of hot oil, too. i also use it to make my own tortilla chips or strips - just cut them up and brush with oil, and then sprinkle a little sea salt on them before you bake. so much less salty than the packaged ones!