Saturday, April 2, 2011

Review: Posh Tot Parties

Disclaimer: I was not given any free products or compensation for this review. I simply had a great experience with this company/seller/product and wanted to share with you in hopes of generating more business for someone whom deserves it. Thanks!

Rory's birthday party is at the end of this month. We are having a Princess Tiana theme, because Rory honestly believe she IS Princess Tiana. (Oh Rosie, my dearest. You will never have beautiful cocoa skin like she does! You are cursed like your mother...Snow White would have been a much more appropriate choice! ;))

I try to make birthdays as special as possible around here without having to spend a TON of money. This year, I wanted personalized invitations. Cheapest option would have been to make themself, but um...I barely have time to shower most days so that's a no go.

I found the CUTEST shop on Etsy: Posh Tot Parties. The shop is run by a stay at home mom of 2 girls, Nichole. She has extensive background in graphics, design, etc and it's OBVIOUS in her great work! Nichole makes invites, thank yous, save the dates, etc. She gets your information for the design you want, emails you a proof and bam that's it! You are buying a digital file and printing out the invites on your own. She is more than willing to tweak any design to fit your exact needs and I'm sure for a little extra cost, she'd make you a new design from scratch. We paid $14.99 for our design and it was way worth it.

We purchased this invite for Rosie Roo:

This is Posh Tot Parties Design. Please do not duplicate!!

I placed the order around 8:30 am on a Thursday morning. She had it changed up and emailed back to me before NOON the same day! Now, keep in mind, Nichole is a stay at home mom so I'm sure her return time varies with work load and her kiddos, but man that was fast! She assures a 24 hour turn around time, though, so even that's mega fast. I hadn't even had time to get out and get photo paper yet. ;)

I printed them on my parents' Kodak printer because it uses the efficient ink cartridges. I got a colored cartrdige for them for 20 bucks and a pack of photo paper for 15. Add it all together: 20 + 15 + 15 for the invite: $50 for personalized invitations! PLUS I have tons of paper left over that I am going to print out our Disney Photo Pass pictures on. (Don't even ask me to tell you how much those puppies cost...yikes. But my camera was broken and I can't give up those precious pictures)

Overall, I was incredibly impressed with Nichole's speed, quality and overall look of the invitation. I will definitely be ordering from her again! In fact, I just noticed matching Thank Yous so I should probably scoop those up too...$8.99! Can't be beat!


Unknown said...

VERY cute! I love having a great experience like that!

p.s. I am also SUPER pale. No Princess Tianas coming outta me! haha

Neely said...

How cute! Love the invites!