Thursday, June 30, 2011

4th of July Plans

I have a nasty summer cold. I soldiered it out Tuesday and Wednesday at work. Today...I couldn't do it. I called in some reinforcements and my kids got to play outside all morning with a dancer and are helping Grandpa Jim spread mulch right now. It's quiet. The only sound is Carrie Bradshaw waxing philosophic on my tv and the pounding of my head. Please excuse my scattered posting and over zealous adjective usage. I cracked open a fresh bottle of C-section strength ibuprofen to take care of my headache and sore throat.

And that got me thinking...about the 4th of July!

We're hosting a little barbecue here this year. It's exciting for me, because we haven't hosted the 4th in a long time. Heck, we haven't hosted anything in a long time. It's crazy how much EXTRA work it takes when you have a newborn, are pregnant and then BAM another newborn. ;)

So now, via Pintrest...I'm compiling some great 4th of July ideas I'm planning to try out. Kid friendly and cheap are my caveats, because well. I've got 2 kids and Dave will be the first to tell you...I'm CHEAP. ;)

ADORABLE pretzels! Shout out to Amber for pinning this. I'll tweet you a pic of mine and Rory's finished product. :)

Red jello, white cool whip and blueberries. Hello easy!

How easy and cheap! Red, white and blue streamers with some Christmas lights. Badabing, badaboom. :)

What are you planning this year? What are you cooking? Are you heading out? Hosting? Happy 4th of July! God Bless the USA!


Melanie said...

those decorations are precious & so is your blog!

Meghan said...

We are hosting a few friends, but nothing fancy:)

Melissa said...

CUTE!!! :)

Unknown said...

What fun ideas! :)

I will be having a yard sale, then cleaning up the rest of the wreckage! Yippee! haha