Monday, June 20, 2011

This Weekend

This weekend, Dave and I went on a little trip to DC. In the summer time, he works 4 ten hour days Monday thru Thursday, so he's off (most) Fridays. We took advantage of it this time for sure! We dropped the kids off at his mom's for the day and my mom picked them up on her way home from work. Rory and Trace LOVE their Lenaway and Undercoffer grandparents so not one tear was shed. Once again, I am reminded how blessed I am to have in-laws and parents who love my children just as much as I do.

We left our area around 9 am on Friday. We pulled into our hotel at 2:30! Even stopping for gas and lunch, we made great time. We stayed at the Capital Hilton. I got an amazing deal on Hotwire. Our hotel was only 99 bucks a night! Sidebar, I didn't take my camera. I linked all pictures back to where I found them. :)


The hotel was worth WAAAAY more than 99 a night. It was gorgeous! It was 2 blocks from The White House and about 5 blocks from the Washington Monument. Perfect!

We walked all over on ALL OVER. Dave hadn't spent much time at the monuments before so we headed off to check them out. It was blazing hot, but we had a good time. We trekked all the way to the Jefferson Monument, Lincoln Memorial, Vietnam Wall, FDR Monument, Washington Monument, White House, Korean War Memorial and everywhere in between. It was nice to just walk and talk to Dave without pushing a stroller or stopping to feed a hungry baby!

We ate dinner at this little hole in the wall Italian restaurant in Dupont circle. It was DELICIOUS.

I have to say, I was really impressed with DC for lots of reasons but I thought the food prices were incredible. We've been to New York lots of times and the prices are outrageous. I figured DC would be along the same lines, but it definitely wasn't. It was much cheaper! We had no problem find nice, classy restaurants well within a good affordable price range. Props to DC on THAT one. :)

Saturday morning, we slept in. Did you read that? We. Slept. In. I can't remember the last time I got to sleep past 8:00. I slept until 10!! It was glorious. We lounged around, taking our time getting ready.

We walked to the Smithsonian around noon. It was beyond hot and humid so we were glad we were headed to AC all day. :) We started at Air and Space, grabbed lunch at the on sight McDonalds and walked around for a good long time. Then we went to the Natural History Museum. We watched an adorable IMax movie on raising orphaned and orangutans. We walked around Natural History for a long time because that's definitely Dave's favorite. He'd never been to the Smithsonian before so I let him decide the agenda. :) My favorite is definitely American History, but I've been there lots and lots. We did stop in there to see the original American Flag and visit the First Ladies exhibit. (Mrs. Obama's inaugural ball dress is on display now...WOWWWW. It's gorgeous! She's so classy!)

Natural History...via

Saturday night, we went to eat at a modern restaurant called Barcode. It was delicious! I got lobster ravioli and it was *amazing.* Dave and I kept talking about it all day yesterday! haha

We then walked all over trying to find frozen yogurt. See, in the forest we don't have those neat frozen yogurt places the rest of you do, with all the neat toppings and cute names. :) We found one, but of course it was 8:00 on a Saturday?! UGH. We grabbed ice cream from a little shop...and the lady gave me peanut butter instead of smores. I was too tired to care and it was still good. ;)

We came home yesterday and it is nice to be home...even with a teething toddler and a baby who thinks he can walk. ;)


Unknown said...

It sounds like y'all had a great trip! I LOVE DC! We are only about 3 hours (minus traffic) and I have visited often. I love the First Ladys' dresses - that is probably my favorite part of the Smithsonian. I also love how most museums and lots of things are FREE!! Glad y'all ahd fun :)

Meghan said...

Oh my gosh, I absolutely LOVE DC! I am so glad you had a wonderful time. Isn't the Smithsonian amazing???

Genelle said...

You know we only live about 20 minutes from DC, right? Next time you make a trip down here you should let us know so we can meet up. My town has 2 frozen yogurt places and the next town over (10 min.) has two also. They are awesome!

Neely said...

Glad yall had so much fun! Ive never been to DC!!