Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Day in the Life

Before I start, no update on Christina so far today. That's a good thing, no news is good news. We're praying faithfully and I hope you are joining us! See this post for details. Thanks to all my wonderful blog friends for the support. It's comforting beyond belief.

Moving on to happier things...I'm linking up with Megs again this week for tips and tricks! She did a day in the life of a mom with a 6 week old so I thought I'd play along and clue you into our life with 2 kiddos!

Tips and Tricks Tuesday

Yesterday, 6-20-11

7:25 am: Trace wakes up and starts talking/crying in his crib. He's very cranky when he wakes up and does much better if I let him calm himself down. Once he gets to just talking, I go in and get him. He's not a morning person, like his daddy. :)

8:00 am: Rory is up, Trace is happy, let's all get out of bed! Round 1 of diaper changes for both chickens. Trace is sick again, so he has diarrhea. Yeeeehaw.

8:30 am: Breakfast time! Rory gets yogurt and peanut butter toast. She usually eats at her Buzz table in the living room and watched an episode of Jungle Junction. Trace gets a bottle, oatmeal cereal and some baby food fruit. He also gets his Zantac at this time. Yesterday I also gave him his ear infection prescription.

8:50 until 10:30 am: Playtime! We play on the floor of the living room, out on the deck sometimes, in the basement, in Rory's room...wherever! I also use this time to throw in laundry and straighten up wherever we are playing. Rory is crazy about her dollhouse right now so we spend lots of time playing with that.
Yesterday, I noticed Trace had major hives all over his back and arms. I called the Pediatrician and it turns out he's allergic to whatever medicine he was taking for his ears. He gets taken off that and put on Infant Benadryl twice a day for a few days to clear up the hives. Poor baby!!

10:30 am: Trace goes in for a short nap. He doesn't always do this, but he did yesterday. 30-45 mins and he's good to go. During this time, I dedicate 100% to Rory. She craves one on one interaction.

11:15 am: Lunch time preparations begin! Diaper changes...the poop factories are working over time and both kids are dirty. Yippee skipee.

11:30 am: Lunch time! Trace gets his benadryl and I give him a large bottle instead of food. I did this hoping to help flush his system faster with more urination. Rory eats some plain pasta with cheese, turkey, carrots and half a banana.

11:50 am: Nap time for T-fizz! He goes right in and falls asleep quickly, because of the Benadryl I think. Usually he fusses for 10 minutes or so before falling asleep.

Noon: Rory goes in for a nap willingly today because she remembers she gets to go to Daddy's office when she wakes up! No crying from her today.

Noon until 2:30: This is when I rush rush rush. I try to get my studio work done, the laundry finished, dinner started, the house straightened...all that house stuff that never seems to get done needs to get done in this time. Yesterday though I had a pounding headache and spent the majority of nap time on the couch. Yuck.

2:30: The kiddos wake up! Trace is covered in poop from head to toe. It's also all over his crib and sheets. Grrrrrreat. Emergency bath time. I toss both kids in the tub and scrub them down. Gross and disgusting, but that's my life! :)

3:00: Snack for Rory, a Gerber Fruit Strip. We call them fruit roll ups and she loves them. Easy way to get in another fruit serving!

3:10: Snack time for Trace. We're working on getting him to stop taking a bottle after his nap. He doesn't need it and he needs to get on a 3 meals a day schedule, instead of 5. We're transitioning to cereal and baby food at this feeding. Some days it goes over great, other days...not so much. Yesterday was one of those "not so much days." But we'll get there!

3:30: Trying to get ready to leave. We're heading to Dave's work to drop off the kids. I'm meeting my best friend, Brittany (aka Trace's godmother) for dinner and some girl time. Both kids are melting down, especially Trace. He's screaming bloody murder while I'm trying to get Rory's shoes on. Luckily, Britt walks in the door at that moment. She scoops up Trace and he stops crying for a while. Thank goodness.

3:50: We're out the door, 5 minutes late. I've packed food for Rory and 2 juice cups, a bottle with powder and hot water in a water bottle, all in a thermal lunch box for Trace. Diapers, wipes, extra clothes and toys for both kids. We get in the car and I realize I'm out of gas. Ugh.

4:40: We finally pull in to Dave's office, after a 40 minute ride during which Trace screamed for 20 minutes. Luckily, Brittany is his godmother so she can't complain. :)

4:45: Dave takes the kids off my hands, feeds Trace in the parking lot of his work then drives them home. I get a report that they were just fine on the drive and Rory claims to have "broken her leg" upon arriving home. haha! She's something else.

5:15: (or so, I wasn't here) Rory eats dinner. Yesterday she had pizza, a fruit cup and some cheese. She eats incredibly balanced, because she LOVES fruit and veggies, especially carrots and green beans. If I sprinkle a little parm cheese on the beans, she'd eat the whole can. I'm so thankful! She also loves cheese, yogurt and super cold milk. It's easy to keep her balanced...at the moment.

5:45-7:15: Playtime with Daddy!! Dave plays with the kids, checks his email, lets them explore. Yesterday he says he spent a ton of time chasing Trace around, keeping him from eating everything and anything he could get his hands on.

7:20: I got home from dinner. Trace was exhausted, ready for more Benadryl and a bottle and bed. Dave got him dressed while I made his bottle and got his medicine. He went to sleep super fast last night. Poor guy is sick.

7:30: Rory got to stay up a little late last night. She ate some goldfish and drank some juice while watching an episode of Dora. She went in to bed shortly after 8.

Both kids slept all night and started our day over again this morning at 6:57. Yawn.


Neely said...

This is for reals making me tired how do u do it???

Meagan said...

My least favorite part is when Trace woke up covered in poop! Not looking forward to that! Thanks for linking up! I think I'm good with 1 kid!

ag. said...

Yikes! This sounds exhausting! I'm sure it's worth it but yawn is right!

Thoughts and prayers are with your friend...