Monday, June 27, 2011

Weekend Recap

This weekend FLEW by. It was so fast. A little recap...

Friday was a wonderful day! It was cold and rainy here in the forest. Dave was off work, as he is all Fridays in the summer. He stayed home with Trace while Rory and I went to watch my 10 year old cousin Kaari's dance camp showing. She attended the same dance camp this year (and last year) that I did when I was her age! It's still run by the same wonderful lady. It was a great experience for me and I love that my some of my students enjoy it now.

Rory was fascinated the entire time, sat on my lap and stared at the dancing. She loves to dance. This makes my heart happy!

Kaari was awarded the scholarship for her level! That means she was basically "student of the year" for her camp group. Another one of my students, Marcie, won outstanding ballet student for her level. I'm a very happy teacher. :)

When we got home, we picked up Dave and Trace and we headed to visit Dave's grandparents. Grandpa Fran had a rather serious heart surgery a few weeks back and he is doing fantastic! He told us the worst part is he can't drive or have a beer. :) It was nice to visit with them and boy do the kids love them. Dave's parents stopped up to. Always nice to see Grandpa Mike and "Grandma Mike." Oh Rory...haha

Saturday was pretty low key. We had plans to go to the drive in but it was cold and rainy. AGAIN. So Dave took Rory on a date to see Cars 2 at the regular movie theater. They had McDonalds too. A perfect day for Rory! :) Saturday night, Trace and I went to church then to visit my parents.

Sunday Dave went on the annual Father's Day golf outing with my dad, his dad and my uncle Tom. The four of them pick a different course each year and make a day out of it. They really enjoy it and it's nice for them to spend some "man time" together. I went to my best friend from high school's bridal shower. It was lovely! I'm very excited for her wedding in a couple weeks. After the shower, we took the kids to meet the men for dinner.

It was a lovely weekend...and I didn't take a single picture. YIKES. Now it's Monday, I was up a good chunk of the night with a sick baby. Both kids have colds/allergies and I'm wiped! Oh well. It's 4th of July weekend coming up and Dave's off for SIX DAYS! Lots to look forward to!

What are your 4th of July plans? Anything exciting? Fireworks??


Meghan said...

Aww! Happy 8 months to Trace! Such a doll! And congrats to your students - a great reflection of a wonderful teacher:)

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Ashley said...

I cant wait to go to the drive ins this summer. AND, I can bring a sleeping baby to the drive ins while I watch a movie I want :)