Thursday, June 9, 2011

That's the Truth.

(inspired by the fantastic Neely! :))

My kids had baths by swimming at my Aunt's last night. I was enjoying it so much I couldn't stand the thought of leaving early for baths.

Trace has been sleeping in onesies only because of the heat and I think he looks like the cutest old man ever.

Rory is a bossy cow the last few days and I secretly go in to the bathroom and laugh at her, after I reprimand her. She is me, 100%.

All I feel like doing today is watching Sex and the City and drinking endless diet cokes with lime. In bed. Air conditioning on high. In my pajamas.

I am considering going to my dance studio alma mater's recital both nights because I miss my teacher so much.

I am already checking the mail for my recital DVD even though I know it will be at least a month before it's here.

Sometimes my husband thinks he is funny and he really isn't. Sorry Grave, but it's true.

Oh. Also. I call Dave Gravey or Grave way more than I call him Dave. :)

Dave and I are supposed to be going out of town next weekend as an end of the dance year celebration. Once again, I have no idea where to go.

I got stung by a bee on my ankle last week and it's still puffy and itchy. Annoying.

I am forcing Dave to go to church more often with me. I don't care how hard it is with two kids, we go to church from now on.

I really miss our Pastor and his family that left last summer. A LOT.

I like these rambling, train of thoughts posts. I haven't had much to blog about lately that's substantial because my brain is tired. The recital wore me out!

I spent an hour cleaning my bathroom yesterday. It's sparkling clean but the rest of my house...looks like a tornado went through. One room a day I guess!

Actually, I'm considering hiring a cleaning lady for the dance year next year. Just once a week to help me out. I just don't have time to do a good thorough clean once a week like I like during the dance year. Wow I like that idea. :)

...and that's the truth.


Neely said...

You should treat yourself to a cleaning lady!! You work hard :)

Meghan said...

Hehe. I have been watching way too much SATC lately, too! Great post!

Laura said...

We always have a hard time figuring out where to go when we have a weekend away. I've heard lots of people around here talk about a town they go to in Ohio to get Amish stuff and food. They take a trip out once or twice a year. So I googled it one time and it looked like it would be a nice place to spend a weekend... outdoor things, Amish tours, bed and breakfasts, etc. I tried to find it again but had no luck. If that sound interesting to you I could try harder to find out where it was.

Rachel said...

Congrats on your recital - the pics below look amazing!

(I am a "retired" dancer and miss it very much!)

And I am giggling at the fact that you have to go into the bathroom to laugh about your daughter's genetic bossiness - I've SO been there! :)