Friday, July 1, 2011

Sometimes, I'm a bad blogger

Confession. Until about 6 months ago, I had no idea it was good blog etiquette to reply to comments via email. I honestly had no clue! I got responses here and there from bloggers that I commented on but I never really read much in to it. Then I realized it was the norm! So, to everyone I've neglected to reply to frequently prior to the last six months...I apologize. :)

Now my biggest blog faux pas...I get my email on my phone. It also comes to my computer of course, but I never check it on here. I reply, compose, delete, file all of it right on my phone. I am incredibly guilty of deleting emails before I reply with one swift click of the delete all button. I do it without even thinking because I have a cluttered inbox. In the last few days, I've deleted a few blog comments on which I wanted to reply without replying. To those bloggers...I apologize! :)

Another confession. I've got a blog post ready to publish about gay marriage. I'm not sure when I'll post it...mostly because the last post I wrote that ruffled feathers stressed me out so bad I'm hesitant to do it again. Which is so silly because this is my blog. Like it or don't read it. But it what it is! I'll publish it...someday. Maybe. (If you're curious, two of my closest friends are gay men. Figure out how you think I feel. :))

Oh! Another one! I want to purchase a blog design because I love the way they look when a professional does it. So clean and adorable. BUT! Like a tattoo, I can't do it because I change my mind too much. I'm not sure I could pick a theme and stick with it for long enough to get my money out of it. (haha) Perhaps I should just learn how to do it myself. I used to write html codes in high school when my friend and I had an Angelfire site back in the day. (Anyone else have one of those bad boys?!)

I've been blogging for a year and a half now. Just in the last 8 month or so, I've started to take it more seriously. Posting about issues, joining link ups, making blog friends. To say it's been great is an understatement. Reading blogs, chatting on's allowed me to "connect" with women in a way that being a full time business owner/working mom/stay at home mom of two doesn't always allow me to in real life. I get to keep up with my niece and nephew, I'm inspired, I'm challenged, I'm intrigued and I'm grateful every day for this little piece of internet I get to call my own. Thanks, blog buddies, for giving this tired mom of two an outlet, for putting up with countless pictures of my children and for sharing your life stories with me.


Unknown said...

That doesn't mean you're a bad blogger. You learn as you go along! :)

Kelly said...

Isn't blogging just the best? I never thought I'd have friends like you girls either :-) Sounds like we're on the same page when it comes to rights too-- love is love right?? Have a fabulous 4th of July Kate!!

Melissa said...

Looking forward to reading what you have to say about gay marriage. This is an issue with mixed feelings for me, but i have SO MANY gay friends that are honestly some of the best friends anybody could have, so... yeah. I'm very hesitant to write about that, too. I don't know if i ever will. I'm thinking a lot of people would disagree with what i had to say... pretty sure i'd be judged for it... but you're right... it's YOUR blog! So why not?

I LOVE BLOG FRIENDS. They are the best! :)