Friday, July 22, 2011


Just a quick Trace update. We're headed to Pittsburgh Children's Hospital on Monday to meet with the gastroenterology department. We're going to be examining Trace's acid reflux further and see if we can get to the root of the problem.

Since his choking/stop breathing incident a couple weeks ago, he's gagged over 15 times. This is while being on a 1.6 mL of Zantac twice a day. Sometimes when he's eating, sometimes when he's just sitting there playing. It also seems to me that his tongue is too big for his mouth. (For real!)

Keep us in your thoughts and prayers, please. I need the strength to be Trace's advocate and stand up for the fact that he needs more tests done. I am NOT good at really speaking to how bad conditions are and once this resulted in me being hospitalized for three days. I need to stand up and be heard for my son.

This is putting so much stress on me, I feel like I'm cracking under the pressure. I'm edgy, nervous and ready for some sort of plan or answers. Even if the answer is just "yep, it's acid reflux. He'll grow out of it." I will feel better. I'm trying.


Marguerite said...

I will be praying for you guys! Sebastien will be inpatient on Monday...small world! Good can do it mama!

Laura said...

Will pray for you guys.

Why don't you try writing everything down. That way when you get there you can have it all on paper in case your nerves get to be too much. That way you could still get the seriousness of it across and have all the details. It's so easy to forget when a doctor is actually around.

Meghan said...

I am most definitely keeping you guys in my thoughts and prayers!

Amber said...

Praying for you guys!

Cindy said...

My daughter was just transferred (today!) from a hospital a couple blocks from children's! We live about 45 mins from there! If I can help, let me know. Follow me on Twitter @cindy_sees :) praying for your family and your studio!

Unknown said...

Just catching up with blogs. I hope everything went well!