Sunday, July 3, 2011

Our oasis

My Aunt has an amazing house. She and my Uncle built their dream house six years ago in the forest....even more forest than my town! :) Its a gorgeous house, room for us all to spread out at holidays but cozy enough to always feel warm and inviting. My favorite feature? The POOL.

Its my oasis. Its quiet, no neighbors around to see my post baby body stuffed into a swimming suit. Its usually just family, a random friend here or there.  The hot tub is always toasty, the company always enjoyable.

Rory is very comfortable in the pool. She wears a life vest but she is slowly learning to hold herself upright. :) Trace is happiest IN the water. He would stay in all day if I would let him. He giggles, smiles, splashes and plays as happy as a clam.

I am beyond blessed to have access to a pool whenever I want. Makes for a happy Kate come summertime each year!


LA Botchar said...

So nice to know someone with a oasis and who loves to share! Enjoy the pool time.

Shell said...

Looks like fun! My kids would never want to leave!

Meghan said...

Oooh, I could use a pool like that today!