Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Rant.

If I see one more diatribe bad mouthing formula feeding, I'm going to lose my mind. STRAIGHT UP. I am unfollowing blogs and deleting Facebook friends who are so nasty about formula. I don't sit here and make all sorts of snide remarks towards moms who breast feed. If I did, people would jump ALL OVER ME for being rude and nasty. Yet here I sit, a formula feeding mom, and everyone is allowed to post all sorts of crap about how much healthier your kid will be from breastfeeding.


My 26 lb 2 year old and 20 lb 9 month old beg to differ, but okay. You sit up on your high horse and I'll stay down here with the normal people.

Stop. judging. me.


Laura said...

Women are nasty. Period.

Sorry you have to deal with it. :( You are an awesome mom. Breastfeeding or formula feeding should never be used as an indicator as to whether someone is or not. Shame on those people who think they are better for such silly reason.

LA Botchar said...

So sorry that people have reacted that way. One person actually commented to me, "oh, you don't want to bond with your baby?" Ouch! And the worst part? It was a bottle, but I had pumped the breast milk because I had an infection at that time so I couldn't have her on the breast. Not that is was any of her business anyway.
People tend to forget the basic -- You Are Feeding your baby!! That's what matters. And father's still manange to bond when they give a bottle - whether pumped milk, or formula!
Delete away honey! You don't need nay-sayers bringing ya down!

Melissa said...

This makes me so mad & i'm not even a mama yet!!! I'm sorry, girl. I agree w/ the above comment...delete away. {HUGS!}

Unknown said...

I think that different things are good for different people. Not everyone can breastfeed or want to breastfeed. Every parent has to make their own choices for their children.

Hope you feel better! xo

Ashley said...

I have to go buy my first thing of formula today. IM scared...of the cost! ha