Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Thanksgiving is three weeks from Thursday, people. THREE WEEKS. That's crazy soon! I'm excited! I thought in honor of Thanksgiving, I'd write a few Thankful posts this month.

Today, I'm thankful for my blog and twitter friends.

I have a strange life. I am home until 2 pm each day then I go to work. On the weekends, I'm with 2 toddlers 99% of the time. It doesn't leave me a whole lot of time or the right schedule to meet up with most of my friends. I've grown distant from most of them, unfortunately. And it's just as much my fault as their's!
That is...until I made some serious blog friends.
My blog girls encourage me, inspire me, educate me, include me. Being a full time working-full time stay at home mom can be lonely and isolating. It's not nearly as hard now, I just pop on over to blogspot and check out what Kelly and her husband were up to this weekend, find out what shenanigans Neely has gotten in to, the latest adventures of Meghan in Chicago or check out more cute moments in McKayla's life from Lindsey. Melissa's weight loss journey inspires me and my sister in law Laura constantly disciples me.

Need someone to talk to? Jess is always a tweet away! And Celia, Camille and Tara crack me up with their tweets all the time. My blog friends are always on twitter. That's how I found out that Amber has family in Dave's hometown! Besides, without Twitter, how would I know that I have some serious Klout? ;) Speaking of which, a current Klout perk is a $20 Macy's gift card! GET ON THAT!

I guess what I'm saying is this...I'm so thankful to have an entire virtual support system. When someone remembers to ask about Trace or wonders what Rory is up to lately, it warms my heart. When a blogger adds me on FB, it's like the most exciting part of my day. (Shout out to ASHLEY. :)) I enjoy knowing these women, reading about their lives and interacting with them all (and so many more!) on a daily basis. I've learned so much, especially about hair, makeup and fashion. My weight loss is going so much better this time (and healthier!) because I'm inspired by all the runners. I just can't believe I went so many years without connecting with the wonderful women in this corner of blogosphere.

Thank you friends. For the emails, the tweets, the texts, the comments. For being your wonderful self on your blogs each day. For giving me something to look forward and women to call my friends. You are such blessings to me! xoxo


Melissa said...

And i can't wait to meet you in person! :) I am so thankful for my blog friends, too. :)

Kelly said...

Aww, thanks friend :-) (I think my link is wrong, hahah!) I've LOVED getting to know you too! Wish we were closer... You could teach me dance and I could babysit the kiddos. And we could shop at VS for cute collegiate clothes too! Happy Tuesday :-D

Jess said...

Considering we're both from Pa, we should really meet sometime. So glad we're blog/twitter friends!

Ashleigh said...

Sweet post! and it's actually only 2 weeks from Thursday!! Bc my bday is 2 days after! SO fast!

Ashley said...

Yay! I'm so glad we're blog/twitter/FB friends!

Laura said...

Yay!!! And so very soon we will have the coolest blogger meet up of 2011!!

Mary and Dyer said...

This is such a sweet post!! Blogger friends definitely are the best. Have to love blogging for that!! I can not believe that Thanksgiving is 3 weeks away....

I just stumbled upon your blog & became your newest follower! I would love for you to visit mine & follow back if you'd like. I also just opened up an online boutique if you'd like to check that out. Hope to talk to you soon!! :)


LWLH said...

What a sweet post, aren't blog friends the best?

lori said...

i love this! when i first started blogging, it was mainly to document my life- kind of like a journal to look bad on years later and remember the little things... i never anticipated the sense of community and the relationships i would form with other bloggers... there is so much support, it is amazing!