Friday, November 4, 2011

A Way Back to Then

Just feeling a little small lately.
A Way Back to Then from [title of show]

You're that little girl with her wings unfurled, flying again
Back in the backyard dancing...find my way back to then.

As thankful as I am for my husband, kids, business, beautiful life...part of me always wonders what I would be doing right now if I had finished school and pursued my choreography career. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy and content. But at night, sometimes, when I've had a long day and the crying never seemed to stop, there are dishes to be done, laundry piled a mile high, a teething baby, a cranky toddler and a day set to repeat itself the minute my eyelids flutter open the next morning...I find myself dancing back to the recesses of my mind. Curiously wondering. Would I be in New York? Would I have chased my crazy dream of choreography Disney parades? Would I have failed? Maybe. But at least I would have tried.


Neely said...

Remember you are where you are supposed to be. Love you sweet friend XOXO

Laura said...

New York still has dishes and laundry and days that are repeated over and over and over.

Disney still has dishes and laundry and days that are repeated over and over and over.

When we spend our lives wishing on what ifs it's hard to truly enjoy what we have and be content.

You are wonderful Kate and the path you chose has allowed you to touch so many lives that may have been missed if not for you. These are the hardest times... with the little ones. The crying will eventually stop and soon they will be able to do the dishes and the laundry for you. :)

I'm sure that no matter what you would have done with your life that you would have been good at it. However, you are amazing right where you are. Be confident of your choices. And keep being you.

Anonymous said...

You are where you're supposed to be and you're making a difference. :) Everything happens for a reason!

LWLH said...

You are where you are and your making a difference in your own tiny dancers.

I do get what your saying though, I wonder also what my life would have been if so many things happened. Though I am happy with where my life has come now.

Melissa said...

I absolutely love that song! But i love the above comments, too. You are exactly where you are supposed to be! I sometimes think about the What-If's in life, too, so I understand that. I was thinking about going to acting school in NYC when Brad came into my life! I don't regret not going at ALL... but wonder how it would be different if i had gone. And i ALWAYS wonder how my life would be different if i had finished my durn degree! Still... God saw it happening as it has. Praying for you, friend!

Amber said...

I think we all go through periods of feeling super humble and small... at least I know I do. It takes some time to really feel like your doing more than treading water.
Enjoy this weekend with your beautiful family!!!