Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Tried and true, the white and blue...WE ARE PSU!

Please remember the disgusting, heartbreaking actions of one man and the morally reprehensible reaction of several others do NOT represent the Penn State fans, alumni and vast majority of the staff. I am emotionally invested in this entire situation for 2 very personal reasons which I won't go in to on this blog. (No, I was never abused.) But just know...there's always SO MUCH MORE to a story than the public knows. Pray for the victims, their families and all involved. And remember...we are PENN STATE.


Ashleigh said...

I understand, girl. When that basketball player was murdered at Baylor by another student, everyone ridiculed Baylor.. and Baylor was also ridiculed bc the coach paid his players. But man, this stuff is WAY worse.

RAY J said...

My parents are both Penn State alum and growing up I remember them always cheering on their former school's football games (still do I believe), them wearing Penn State gear and letting me claim their Nittany Lion plush as my own =)

They haven't said too much about the controversy, but I know they're probably heartbroken at the way this has affected the image of their alma mater =/