Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Guest Post: Neely!

I am in the throes of ordering $20,000 worth of costumes and tights for my dancers right now. Since no one wants to read about how I failed to realize I needed to list each size for each style of costume on a separate line on my biggest costume order (YEAH. That means it needs redone. YEAH. That happened.) I asked my pal, Neely, to guest post for me today! Enjoy! Show her some love! :)

Hey Kate's readers! My name is Neely and for those of you who don't know me well Im fabulous :) haha. Also I blog over at A Complete Waste of Makeup and I twitter like its my job. I am a big drinker of nonfat latte's and wine. I love peanut butter, goldfish crackers, and anything Annies. Im pretty sure the invention of the iPhone both ruined and made my life better. I have the most amazeballs people in my life.

Anywho I am so glad Kate asked me to guest post for her. She is the sweetest ever and even though we are polar opposites aside from our love of Gilmore Girls(you know she named her daughter Rory) and wine I still love her to pieces.

Today I am here to talk to you about pretty things....

I just love pretty things....

Clothes...Shoes...handbags...makeup...decor...ahhhhhh pretty things are the best.

Here are a few pins of my favorite pretty things at the moment:

Cashmere Toms....SWOON

Source: google.com via Neely on Pinterest

This Louis Vuitton Crossbody bag

Source: google.com via Neely on Pinterest

Everything about this

Everything about this but mainly her hair....I wish my hair could cooperate to look messy/perfect at once

This necklace might be the prettiest thing I've ever seen....I have looked all over the internet...I cant find it...HELP

The prettiest frame you'll ever see

OK guys well there are a few of my favorite pretty things. Pretty things just make everyone happy...especially the girliest of girly girls. Hope you come check out my blog...its a good time :)


Gossip Girl...I mean Neely :)


Laura said...

You could totally make a necklace like that. Get a multiple stranded pearl necklace. Tie the ribbon on one end and figure out how to tie the bow on the other side. Probably pin some kind of fancy thing on the knot of the bow. Easy peasy I'm sure. The hardest part would be finding all the right pieces.

Amber said...

Oooh love them all. Those cashmere TOMS are to die for! Need. Them. Now.

Kelly said...

Ooooh PRETTY TOMS, for sure! Those are very "holiday-ish" That photo frame is soooo pretty too! :-D

Heather said...

Designs by Krissy - has necklaces like that. I went to high school with the designer, and have seen her work...all her jewelry is fabulous!

Kiley said...

cashmere toms. i can't even.