Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Plenty to be THANKful for...Day 3

Manic Mother

Today's topic? My hometown!

I like in the forest. For real, the Allegheny National Forest in Pennsylvania. My town is tiny, but wonderful. Like all small towns, there's homegrown drama and people with completely misconstrued views on life. But at it's heart, this is a beautiful town.

Kane, PA is the Black Cherry Capital of the World. That's a type of hardwood tree with fruit that you can't eat. We don't have many claims to fame. Amy Rudolph has been in several Olympic games as a long distance runner. Chuck Daly, Coach of the Olympic Basketball Dream Team was born here. Holgate Toys were made here for years! (Mr. Roger's Trolley is Holgate!) And that's pretty much it.

The closest McDonalds is 27 miles away. Wal-Mart 29 miles. Target is an hour and a half away, Starbucks 1 hour and 15 minutes. We have a Subway here and that is our only chain restaurant or store. Even our grocery stores are only located in our town and a couple others. It's comical, actually.

That's our ONE stop light in the entire town. And if you look at the building on the left hand side of the picture, the tall lighter stone one, beside the blue awnings? That second floor is my studio! :)

I was born here, raised here and happily raising my family here. It's still small town America. My kids will be able to safely play outside, shooting hoops in the street, playing spotlight after dark with the neighborhood kids while I sit on the porch and read. Our schools are top notch, our sports team always do well. People know you by name, remember your birthday and always have a smile to share. We help our own, organizing community holiday meals, gift drives, blood drives, even support RURAL ARTS. (ahem) It's a beautiful place, this town of mine. I wouldn't want to live anywhere else.


Jess said...

Love it! I want to come visit your town - it seems so lovely! :) My part of PA isn't much different - although I think the Walmart, Target, etc are about 15 miles from my house. :)

LWLH said...

My part of PA is pretty similar especially the town I live in. We have no fast food chains in my town though they are only a short 10 minute drive away.

Unknown said...

Wow. I thought we were small!! We have lots of chain fast food restaurants because we are right off the interstate and we do have a Wal-Mart. Glad you love your hometown :-)