Monday, November 28, 2011

FabHoliBlogChall: Day 1

Fabulous Holiday Blog Challenge

Starting today, I'm linking up with Neely and Amber for the Fabulous Holiday Blog Challenge! These 2 are two of my favorite bloggers (okay, friends) ever. Link up!

Today's gift ever received

This is tough for me. I've gotten lots of gifts over the years that I have just loved. My Kindle, my Keurig, my DSLR camera...but my favorite is for sure this little baby:

My parents got me my mixer three years ago, maybe. I've wanted one since high school and I just love it! I use it all the time. I love how I can turn it on and let it mix while I do other things without worrying. I'm asking for more attachments this year so anyone who's got a Kitchenaid and wants to recommend some attachments...let me hear it!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend. Now it's time to deck those halls! Christmas is coming (the goose is getting fat...anyone? anyone? :)) Bye!


Allie said...

I posted the same thing! I LOVE mine too! My bff has the ice cream attachment and it makes really good ice cream. I want the pasta attachment myself!

Ashleigh said...

oh AMEN. I got one when we got married and, gasp, I have never used it, but it looks good on my counter, haha

LC said...

Visiting from A Complete Waste of Makeup!
I may have to get one of these, I've seen it on several people's blogs!

Jessica said...

I'm in the same one at my bridal shower 6 years ago and it's only been used once (by my mom). I bake all the time and use a hand mixer or a whisk. It looks really good on my counter!!! I'm a new follower!!

Simply Mily said...

hey this is the second one i see today that'd red =) these mixers are awesome!!!

lori said...

we got ours for a wedding present... i put it on the registry, totally not expecting to actually get it... and i was thrilled when i did! love it!