Thursday, November 17, 2011

Plenty to be THANKful for...Blogoverse.

Manic Mother

Today's topic...thankful for the blogoverse.

Whoa, baby. Am I ever thankful that I am a blogger. I wrote this post last week about this topic, but I wanted to address it again.

My life is a pretty lonely one, as far as girlfriends go. I have a few great friends here in my hometown, but none of them are in the same stage of life as me. In fact, the girl I would consider to be one of my 2 absolute bffs is still in high school and I've known her since she was 4. Having actual "girlfriends" is hard for me right now.

But not really. Because I've got an army of women on Twitter and the blogosphere who care about me and whom I care about. And this post is meant to recognize several of them. (Please know, I love and value ALL my blog friends and twitter friends. I just want to highlight a few here who I've been familiar with the longest. No offense EVER meant. :)) Also, yeah I'm ripping pics off your FBs and blogs. Get over it. ;)

Kelly...Keeping Up With Kelly and Co.

The very first blogger to ever "befriend" me. (Did you know that?? :)) We bonded long ago over college sports and having husbands who golf a lot. Even though I kinda hate her because she has brown Hunter boots that fit, she's someone really special to me. ;) She's a sweet, sweet person and I'm really glad she's on my blog radar.

Ashley...Ashley's Carnival Ride

Ashley is one of my favorite bloggers because she's honest. She's a Christian but not in your face about it. I admire her spirit, her integrity and her adorable personality. She is just an all around really great person.

Meghan...Perfect Compilation Tape

Shout out to KAPPA! :) Meghan is one of the bloggers whose life I am so jealous of! She lives in Chicago, one of my favorite cities. I love her pursuit of the perfect Starbucks drink and cupcake. She is an interesting, intriguing, educated person and I am grateful to read her take on life each day. She is so classy and fabulous!

Amber...Brunch With Amber

I mean, how can I not love a girl who is going to come paint my right hand nails for me? All the way from Texas? HA! She's a great person, an interesting blogger and a sweet friend. Amber remembers details and asks questions about my life. She makes me feel important to her and that's invaluable, especially on days when I don't even have time to shower or put on mascara. She is a great person and I know things are only going to keep getting better for her!

Neely...A Complete Waste of Makeup

Oh my Neely. She's my favorite Democrat. We really don't have much in common, aside from enjoying wine, Gilmore Girls and Rachel Zoe. (And Starbucks!) But we bonded over the fact that we are polar opposites in so many ways. Neely is there for me. I've got her back and she's got mine, from many many states away. We are friends. And I'm so grateful for her! She encourages me and I need that in my life!

Lindsey...Running Down a Dream

Lindsey is fantastic. She's got a beautiful life and I love the way she allows us all to see pieces of it on her blog. She is a wonderful mom to McKayla, even when it's tough to be a "step" mom. Her attitude about running is contagious and between her and Meghan, I'm totally WORKING on getting hooked on running. ;) She embraces life on her blog and in "real life" and I'm so thankful to call her a friend.

It's 11:00 at night and I've been working since 6:45 this morning. There are so many more wonderful women I could talk about from my corner of the blogosphere...Jess, Lil'Women, Ashleigh, Mama M, Shell, Laura, Melissa and so many more. I'm exhausted but I'm so grateful. Thanks for cheering me up every day and helping me remember that no matter what, I've got girlfriends. :) Now please, all of you. Come to the forest and visit! xoxoxo


Ashleigh said...

I love this post!!!! xoxo to you!

Cait said...

so sweet :) great post girl! xo

Unknown said...

You are the sweetest ever!! Thank you so much for your sweet words! I think you're the best!! xo

Kelly said...

Kate, this was so so so sweet of you. If I had written a Thankful post like so many of you girls, you DEFINITELY would have been on my list as well :-) I've enjoyed getting to know you ever since the beginning, and I am totally confident that we'd be fantastic IRL friends if we lived near each other!! Move to Minnesota?? I'll be your first dance "kid" and you can teach me all sorts of stuff!

Ashley said...

Oh goodness Kate! This is such a great post! Thank you for your sweet words! I adore you! <3

Meghan said...

Oh Kate, I'm tearing up! Thank you for your sweet words! They mean so much:) Kappa Love!

lori said...

such a sweet post.. and i could not agree more... i never anticipated the relationships blogging would bring!

LWLH said...

I can't believe how much I value the relationships I have with my blog friends. Alot of blog friends I talk to and know more about my day to day than my IRL friends, thanks to Twitter.

A Babbling Brunette said...

So sweet! I love all those girls too! I don't "know" Meghan but now I"m going to have to go check out her blog!