Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Rory the Explorer!

I hope everyone had a delightful Halloween and Trick or Treating! We did, we really did.
Since August, I've been planning the kids' costumes. I showed Rory tons of options and let her tell me which she liked best. No surprise to anyone, she chose Princess Tiana. Nice choice, Ror. We have that dress! (We bought it in Disney World last spring.) I found Trace an adorable, warm fleece frog outfit on Amazon for $19. Add in some light up shoes for Rory from the Disney Store at $12...and I barely spent a thing on Halloween this year. Win!
Trick or treat here in the forest was last night (Monday) from 6 until 8. No way was I taking Trace out in the freezing cold darkness to visit people. I arranged to make a few stops with Rory and Trace on Sunday afternoon, when it was going to be about 20 degrees warmer and still light out. We visited our Aunt and Uncle, the family of dancers and my mom. We were supposed to make it to one more dancer...but the kids melted down. They had a great time until the meltdown and got some treats at all the houses.

Halloween, 2011

I figured that would be the end of our Halloween festivities. I thought the kids would wear their monster shirts, hand out some candy to the trick or treaters, watch a Halloween episode of Dora or Jake and the Neverland Pirates and call it good last night.

Boy was I wrong.

My mother in law, Ann, watched the kids for me yesterday while I went Christmas shopping. (Not kidding.) And fyi, Ann is awesome.The kids were so excited to see Grandma and it's so nice to be able to drop them off to her and not worry about a thing. Anyways. I picked them up after naps and as soon as we got in the car, Kids Place Live (the kids' station on SiriusXM) started talking about Trick or Treating.

All bets were off. Rory is so darn smart. SHE KNEW it was last night. Okay, fine I said. She could wear her Princess costume, we'll leave Trace home with Dave, no biggie. Hit a few houses, maybe she'll get some Reese's I can steal. Except the dreaded words came out of her mouth...

I hate Princess Tiana. She hurts me.

WHAT. She's worn that dress 10 times and never complained before.

Okay, I say. What do you want to be? A ballerina? Princess Ariel? I go through a list of costumes we already have or can piece together quickly. Nothing appeases the queen mother. She wants to be DORA. DORA?! Where am I supposed to find orange shorts at the end of October in my tiny town!? I immediately began calling my dancers, hoping someone had some. No one did, of course.

We get home at 3:15. I throw the kids to Dave, grab my cousin Kaarina and off we go, hunting for a mysterious costume. First stop, Goodwill. We find not one but TWO pairs of orange shorts. $1.98 later, we head out with orange shorts. Next to the tshirt shop. No bright pink shirts to be found, but a light pink one will have to do. We rush home, 2 hours until trick or treat and no one's eater dinner yet. I send Kaarina digging through toy boxes to find Backpack, Boots, Map and anything else Dora she can find.

5:00. Dinner time. I make dinner for everyone then start getting Kaarina ready in her 1/2 devil, 1/2 angel costume. Rory needs her hair and makeup done too, of course.

5:45, we're waiting on the porch, flashlights, treat bags, umbrellas and gloves. The bells toll 6:00 and we're off!

After two falls in as many minutes, Rory and I scoot back home and grab our wagon. Much smarter. We're off again...

6:35, Rory declares she doesn't need any more candy and we go home. She's happy, excited to show Daddy her treats and ready for jammies.

7:22. Olivia is over and both kids are in bed. I crash on the couch. That was a 4 hour marathon. But in the end? Who wouldn't do the same for their kids? That's what makes moms moms. I'd do it again today if Rory wanted something so badly, so innocently, so earnestly. She's my favorite daughter. And the best Dora there has ever been!

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