Thursday, March 17, 2011

Top 5 Thursday: College Years

Today, Meghan over at The Perfect Compilation Tape is having another Top 5 Thursday theme and I'm joining in. I love the theme, this time of year always makes me nostalgic for good old Allegheny.

First, I have to say, Meg I love Pop2K too! I don't get to listen to it much, because when the kids are in the car we are always listening to Kids Place Live, but I love it when I'm kid-less. It's like a trip down memory lane. :)

Okay! Today's theme is Top 5 Things About Your College Years.

Quick review. I attended a small, liberal arts college in Northwest PA. I left early to open the dance studio. I was a theatre major and a history minor.

5. ORCHESIS and Dance Team. Orchesis is the student run dance organization that puts on an annual "recital" each fall. I was slated to be Vice President before I decided not to go back. I loved my years with Orchesis, it's where I made some of my favorite friends. It was so challenging to help audition, cast, choreograph and produce an entire show as undergrads. It really prepared me for the road I am on now. Dance Team was also student run. I'm sure we had an adviser, but I have no idea who he/she was. The captain didn't like me very much, but everyone else did. And our uniforms were DREADFUL. But it was a really great time in my life. I loved every second of it, minus when I was getting yelled at for no reason.

That's me in the center! I KNOW. Super blonde and majorly skinny. Sigh.

4. My roommate, Heather. She was (is!) one of my favorite people on earth. She was the best roommate I could have asked for. She was there for me during one of the lowest points of my life, never judged me and always tried to make me laugh. She's irreplaceable in my life. AND ALSO KYLIE. My best friend. My other half. She was (is) like another version of myself. We've been through it all together and we've survived. Her husband is currently deployed to the Middle East, so if you are a praying person, send one up for her and her little boy. When Kylie and I were together, it was like a storm. We were unstoppable. We had some craaaazy times but we lived to tell about it. (haha omg I hope if you ever read this, you are thinking of the same stuff I am) Don't get me wrong, we weren't insane, but we knew how to have fun.) Sandie, Gina, Mich, Afua, Victoria, Ashly, belong here too. :)

3. Kappa Kappa Gamma. Oh dear old KKG, how I miss you. The best 64 girls on Allegheny's campus. I went Kappa at the perfect time in my life, the time when I needed friendship and support the most. These girls never failed to make me laugh, make me learn, stretch me, teach me. Sure, there was drama and fights. I mean, it's an entire group of headstrong women. But it was worth it to know I always had a soft place to land.

2. The Allegheny Theatre Department. For the first time in my life, I felt like my talents weren't just appreciated, they were challenged and changed. I am a total theatre brat, my parents even owned a theater for a while. I KNOW things. I am an okay singer, a really good dancer and I like to think a pretty good actress. I went to Allegheny confident in those areas, but confident in important things like theatre history, dramaturgy, etc. It was like opening a whole new world in Arter Hall. I worked HARD and I learned so much in 2 years. My professors were some of my favorite people on earth. Every single one of them knew how to bring out the best in me. It was fantastic.

1. Jesse. Without a doubt, what I miss most about college was my amazing friendship with Jesse. (Why don't I have any pictures of us?!) I've known Jesse as long as I can remember, he went to high school about 20 minutes away from here and we were both in the "gifted" program. When we went to Allegheny, we planned to hang out once and a while, maybe grab dinner. Instead we covalently bonded. We were pretty much inseparable my entire freshman year. I basically spent every day on the floor where his dorm was. There was 6 of us who became a little family. But Jesse? Jesse was like a little piece of home, comforting and safe. Jesse is a great man and I miss him. We don't talk anymore, not because of a falling out or anything, just the paths life has taken us on. Yesterday, Facebook put a picture of the two of us with our group of friends up on my sidebar as a suggestion. I stared at it for at least 15 minutes. How things have changed! (NO WAY am I showing you that picture. It's beyond embarrassing. haha) I think when I look back on my life someday, of all the people I've been blessed to know, outside of family and of course Dave, the person that means the most to me will always be Jesse. I hope life will turn us back in to each other's lives someday. (Trust me, Dave wouldn't mind. He knows how important Jesse is to me! :))

Oh Allegheny. Your work load was incredible. The hours I spent in the library, hunched over piles of books and research, the money I spent on coffee just to keep my eyes open, the miles I logged on the elliptical (HOW MUCH DO I MISS FREE GYM ACCESS??!?), someone cooking every meal for me, the easy access to fun, the friends, the dancing, the laughter and the tears, the sisterhood, the chapters I added to my history...insurmountable. Thank you, Allegheny, for showing me a better and stronger version of myself. I am whom I am today because of my days at Allegheny. I learned to stand up and be courageous. And that is worth every cent.

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Meghan said...

OH MY GOSH! I cannot believe you are a KKG too! I am so excited! We're sisters!

And I was a history major! I swear, we're meant to be friends!

Thanks for playing along!