Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Girl Talk Hop: Family

Today's Girl Talk Theme is Show Us Your Family! To link up, click the button above. Girl Talk is a great place with honest, open communication about all things woman. Men...might be uncomfortable. :)

This is my family.

This picture was taken at my sister-in-law Lisa's wedding about 2 weeks ago. Trace is 4 months, Rory is 21 months.

My in-laws are great! I'm borrowing this picture from my sister-in-law, Laura. Her blog is Life Happens and she takes fantastic pictures. (I hope you don't mind, Laura! :))

From left to right, that's Grace and Tony with baby Caleb, Mike and Ann (Dave's parents), Lisa and her new husband Jeff, Troy and Linda with Kyla and Rayna, Matt, Trace myself Dave and Rory and Laura on the end. The only ones missing from this picture is Laura's husband Mike and their 2 kids, Liza and Jason.

Can you believe all the kids are looking towards the camera?!

My side of the family...

Front to back and then around...
My cousin Connor, my Dad, my Mom, Dave, me holding Rosie, my sister Chelsea, my cousin Kaari, Aunt Barb and Uncle Tom. This was taken on vacation this summer in the Outer Banks. I was 6 months pregnant with Trace!

My family! Dad, Me, Mom, Dave and Chelsea. I was 8 months pregnant with Rory here. (I need new pictures!)

I have one grandparent still living, my Poppie Bob. He's the greatest! He would do anything for us and I am so blessed to have him. My mom also has a brother, Barry. He and his wife, Katie, and their 2 sons, Josh and William, make up the rest of my immediate family.

Join in! Show off your family!


Laura said...

How dare you steal my photo! :) And the reason that all the kids are looking at the camera is because I am an amazing photographer even when I have to hand my camera off to get in the photo haha. I have a post in mind with the rest of the family photos... it will be humorous. Well, at least I think it will be ha!

Meghan said...

Umm, your family is ADORABLE! I love that first pic!

Melissa said...

i love that first pic!! :) Cute!