Saturday, March 19, 2011

Saturday Randoms

1) How much do I love Harry Potter weekends?! Perhaps too much. There's always something good on on these weekends. Except HP3. They killed that book. The movie is awful. The rest are really great though!

2) We saw Gnomeo and Juliet today. ADORABLE. I laughed out loud at several parts. It's super cute. If you have kids, check this one out. (And if you don't have kids, Netflix it when it is available. You won't be sorry!)

3) I let Dave order the pizza at Pizza Hut last night. He got Meat Lovers. Grosssss. Sorry, Grave.

4) At first, I thought twitter was so stupid. Now, I love it. Like love love love it. Am I following you? Find me! @567k8

5) Tomorrow I am finishing the studio's taxes. Let me just tell you how much fun THAT is. About as much fun as a root canal. Why can't it just be a flat tax rate of 10%?! My life would be so much easier. No deductions, none of that. Just a nice, flat 10%. I'd pay it weekly if I had to, it'd be so easy. This 1040, Schedule C nonsense is for the birds.

6) BIG HUGE EXCITING Changes coming my way! I can't say much, but say a prayer for me. :) Work related, people. I'm not pregnant. This baby factory is closed for good.

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