Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday Favorites

First off, do you read Nelly over at A Complete Waste of Makeup? You really should, she's great! I'm totally jealous of her Texas living, wearing flip flops and cute summer-y clothes already. ;) She's doing a surprise giveaway for reaching 500 followers. (By the way, Neels, when I just looked you were at 517! You go girl. :)) She's super sweet and supportive. I really like having her as a blog friend. :) Click her button below to enter! (Actually, you don't have to because I'd like to win. In the past, she's done H&M giveaways and Anthropologie, both of which are opening 2 hours from here soon! :))

Moving on!

It's Monday. I actually love Mondays because I get to teach 4 classes that I LOVE and I have 1.5 hours of office hours. Plus, my ballet mistress is returning from maternity leave tonight! She's teaching tonight and then maybe some on Thursday this week too. Yay!

On Mondays, I'm going to start posting some things I'm obsessing over lately. No reason except I'm usually running low on topics for Mondays. :)

This week, I'm obsessed with...

Trace's (unfortunately purple) Bumbo. He loves sitting like a big guy and enjoys the independence. I like him sitting there, on the floor, because he's safe. Win win.

Rory's Princess Yogurt. Or as she calls it, Ro's Yog. (ha!) She would eat it at every meal and it saves us the fight over drinking milk. She only likes milk at restaurants. Weirdo. ;)

Planning Rory's 2nd Birthday Party. We're doing a Princess Tiana theme and like Dave's Grandma Jean told me last night. She "Would think big parties were crazy if we (my family) just put them on for show, but it's obvious you (my family) do it because it comes naturally to us." Pretty much sums up our philosophy. Celebrate life, celebrate it BIG. The time I am given with my children is so precious and I am blessed to be able to give them a celebration each year. Plus, it's a great excuse for good food, lots of family and friends, dancing, singing, playing games and laughing. AND GLITTER. ;)

Happy Monday, Friends. :)


Neely said...

Thank you doll!

Meghan said...

Umm, the party sounds fantastic! I'm with you - life is too short, we might as well celebrate big!

Shell said...

Those bumbo seats were a lifesaver for me! My second used to fall asleep in his. LOL

Amber said...

I am new to blogspot, but I found your blog somehow (it may actually have been through Neelys!) a couple of months ago. I love that you have it "all", family, business, the arts, but still recognize the little things. Awesome!
Have a great night :)

Grace said...

You know you can move to Texas. You have family here too. :)